The monitoring of the OnePlus shrink within the screen of the phone OnePlus 6T in one of the promotional ads

OnePlus 6T

Do you remember the controversy about phone Lenovo Z5 frame of the screen, which it turns out it’s bigger than it looks in the promotional photos? Well, it certainly seems that the company OnePlus didn’t learn anything from that disaster.

One of the users of Twitter noticed something strange in the promotional announcement for the phone OnePlus 6T appeared on the network Instagram. Look closely, see if you can identify this thing? Yes, it seems that one of the guys in the Marketing Department of the company thought that giving people who are watching this ad the wrong impression on the size of the lower frame and the upper screen of the phone will be definitely a good idea.

Of course, such things didn’t result in never backfired since becoming a regular on the internet. So obviously everything works, people will go immediately to the site of OnePlus to buy the phone, it will completely ignore the fact that it looks different from the device that appeared in the promo, or in their hands when they get.

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