The monitoring of the phone the Google Pixel 2 Android Q

People try out Google's Pixel 2 phones during a launch event in San Francisco

Today was the monitoring of the phone the Google Pixel 2 in platform performance tests Geekbench is running Android Q. This is considered a strong indication of the approaching launch date of the beta version of the Android Q who is supposed to represent the next major version of Android.

The information included in the platform performance tests indicate that an unknown device is running Android Q AOSP addressing is based on architecture ARM64, but we all know that the Walleye is the code name of the phone the Google Pixel 2. It is likely that it is launching a program to test Android Q during the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019 to be held in the seventh day of the month of May next.

So far, not detected many of the features, but Night mode ” Dark Mode ” at the level of the entire operating system coming along with the development of computer ” Desktop Mode“, that’s for sure. However, we’ll know more about it soon.


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