The month with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. How has the first impression.

Lately, when it comes to Huawei, people are squeamish avert their eyes and pretend that the phones that they used to love no longer exist. All because of Google services? Possible. Here only it does not negate the fact that Huawei continues to make smartphones that “drag” the many important elements of the market. The manufacturer continues to try, but sometimes goes too far in some places. Want to know what tipped in the creation and launch of Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

Huawei Mate 30 Pro is a nice smartphone

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Familiarity with Huawei

My acquaintance with Huawei began before I made the first time longer than one day, used their smartphones. Several years ago I began to study their history and then decided that it would be interesting to use Huawei or Honor for a long time. Naturally, I took the opportunity and got myself one of the devices of this brand.

Since then, every time I with great pleasure take new Huawei for a long test. I had completely different models, from inexpensive, like Honor 9 Lite, and ending with versions of the Porsche Design line Mate. I feel my impressions of the smartphone were not as mixed as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. In many ways this is why I’ve been prepared to talk about it, but actively use it for a few weeks as a secondary smartphone.

Experience Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The first thing I noticed when opened the box with the new smartphone, was the smell of fruit. Of course, I could be wrong, but in the guts of the box, I found notes of fresh apples and something else. Perhaps it seemed to me, and maybe it’s a manufacturer’s move, but not to share it, I could not.

It may seem that the ring gradually reduces the bulging camera at the level of the rear wall, but no.

The smartphone looks very different than it shown in the advertisement. Ring “Saturn” around the main camera on the promo video seems convex. Like protruding camera gradually descends to the rear. Even in the video review many bloggers don’t talk about how she looks in reality, dropping the time that the ring is not a separate element. It’s just another polished area. The camera, while still just sticks out stump and all.

So bulging rear camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Very unusually located on the case Power button. This stems from the trend in the production of screens, to which we shall return later. In the end, the button is not even on the side and offset on the back wall. It’s very strange and even a bit uncomfortable. Maybe I should look for it another place. Only good news is that she has a clear and pressing strongly enough sticks out from the body.

The Power button is not quite on the side. She slipped a little towards the back wall.

I am very glad that “bangs” in place, though not everyone shares my joy. I think that as long as the manufacturer will not be able to get rid of it fully, not making unnecessary holes in the screen, the place on the body she has. Moreover, it holds not only frontalka, but also the second camera for portrait pictures, as well as the sensor to unlock the face. To him then separately not to come back, I must say that it works fast, can not be said about the fingerprint scanner in the screen. Here it is worse than that of the OnePlus, but at times better than the Galaxy S10. Although the fingers are different and someone may get a different result.

The rest of the smartphone is nothing more does not attract attention, but one can say essential, part.

Smartphone with the screen-waterfall

In smartphonetoday, as in any other consumer goods industry, there is one important rule. If you want to sell your product, follow the trends. Only few manufacturers have the courage and skills to create a trend. In the case of screen, the setting on the side, Huawei is “should”.

There is nothing wrong, only something really comfortable in this country. First really creates a WOW effect, but then you realize that the real practical meaning in this decision no.

The screen really is bent on a side face

If you look at the screen at an angle, it really seems interesting, and its bonding useful. We should look at him exactly in front, as his eyes begin to callous darkening at the sides. It looks like something, between absolute ignorance and the presence of a small framework. Something like a gradient.

I can’t say that after a few weeks of using the smartphone with the same screen frame other devices seem to be very thick. Just there they are. It turns out, this rounding can be called interesting, but not essential. Without it is possible to live and frameworks are not always evil.

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A feature of the display, which can be called both a plus and a minus, is the change in volume. Buttons on the body of the place could not be found and management has become touch. It is necessary twice to hit your finger on the edge of the body closer to its upper part and a slider appears. It can move SWIPA as the front and side of the display.

This is convenient, since adjusting the volume is possible from either side, but this method is difficult to use in applications. In addition, when a locked smartphone to change the volume will not work. And press the button when talking on the phone. It will be necessary to ask the caller to wait, to adjust the volume and then continue the conversation.

Screen Huawei Mate 30 Pro looks impressive, but there is a slight darkening at the edges.

Screen Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Now, having discussed all the technical know-how and imitation screen, it is possible to talk about its actual characteristics.

The display is 6.53 inches. Remember how before it was all clearly? The value of the diagonal has always been more or less round value. It was not hundredths and it was good. Now manufacturers have begun to try to make the screen occupied every inch of the shell. Hence the hundredths.

The screen resolution is 1176 to 2400 points, which allows us to achieve detail at 410 points per inch — an impressive value. Naturally, this OLED with all the attendant pluses and minuses. During use I have the distinct feeling that the display is a bit yellow, but Huawei has always allowed you to adjust the color balance as soon as pleases your soul.

The brightness of the screen more than enough when I used it on rare Sunny days, I never wanted to increase the brightness, despite the fact that it is exhibited I had about 90 percent of the maximum value.

Bangs in place, but it’s good. So somehow more honest

The Performance Of The Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The performance of dwell is not necessary, as powered smartphone Kirin 990 own (almost) development. The main period of development took place before it became known about sanctions of the government of the United States. This is a significant advantage.

There is a perception that Huawei is not about games. I can say that partly I agree with that, if we talk about absolute values. If you put in sparring flagships from Huawei and some top-end Snapdragon, of course, the first lose. But if games don’t take 80 percent of your day, you start them just to pass the time in transport and not chase after grapholitini, you won’t even know what it was about. You will be fully satisfied.

RAM Huawei Mate Pro 30 is less than some competitors. Its only 8 GB, but it’s enough. As and 256 GB of memory. If this is not enough, you can use the NM SD card. But where to find them…

Under this cover the magic happens. A wizard is a powerful iron

Really productive can be called the Huawei Mate charger 30 Pro. It has a power of 40 W and the appropriate adapter is included in the kit. Also, the smartphone can be charged wirelessly with a power of 27 watts. Even so, its battery is 4500 mAh will be filled with energy very quickly.

As for reverse charging, I still consider it function for function. The maximum that it can charge it headphones. But even in this case, charging will be slow. If we talk about smartphone, it is all worse. Increase “in the hour of a teaspoon” will be negligible, and the loss of energy will be very strong. It may be useful only in the most extreme case.

Camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro

In a nutshell, the camera Huawei Mate 30 Pro, as one would expect, cool. This is not surprising, as the company is famous for its cameras that every time you manage to surprise me, being the locomotive of the market, to which all are drawn.

It is located in the round island protruding on the rear wall. At the same time, she shifted up a little more than usual and covered with a single glass. Someone will say that it’s better than the iPhone, but to me this decision is not very pleasant.

The camera interface Huawei Mate 30, Pro product Google’s sights.

The camera consists of four modules. The first of these wide angle (18 mm) with a resolution of 40 Megapixels, aperture of f/1.8 and the ability to shoot in cinematic profiles. The second basic module (27 mm) 40 MP with aperture of f/1.6. The third allows you to shoot photos and videos with triple magnification and resolution up to 8 MP. He is a five-time hybrid Zuma, in which the quality falls a bit predictable. The second and third sensor are optical image stabilization. Complements the diversity of the sensor to determine the depth of field.

Examples of photos (the originals can be found here):

Filmed in almost total darkness

Construction of the house in low light

Remote from our cleaner

Caught over a game of COD

To front camera also “tightened” such a sensor to work with a 32 MP sensor with an aperture of f/2.0, but without stabilization. As part of frontale Huawei was never in the first place, and 30 Mate Pro was the model that had to break tradition. However, the camera here is very decent and does not cause the feeling of incompleteness, as is sometimes the case with other smartphones. I would easily place it in a very tight top three or top five, if you choose the combination of factors. Minor quibbles is the blurring that sometimes happens, but the detailing on top.

Selfie by the window

Selfie in room light

Like all flagships, you can shoot videos in 4K 60fps but only 30 Huawei Mate Pro has the ability slow motion with a frequency of 7680 frames per second. It looks very cool, but takes a fraction of a second of real life, which then stretched, and the quality is not so good to want to keep it for life. Feature is more a toy than a useful feature, but to play with her very interesting. Moreover, in contrast to the same Sony manually start recording on you need. The camera will start the process, when the frame will start to happen.

Videos do have to give credit to. When you shoot something in the dark, the camera pulls the image just unreal. Yes, the quality drops, but due to the high sensitivity to discern the plot does not represent any work. Here Huawei by far the best!

Specifications Huawei Mate 30 Pro

To say that the characteristics of the Huawei Mate Pro 30 is very good, makes no sense. It has everything expected of a modern flagship, except perhaps the stereo. Hands-free speakers, but stereo, not strange, no.

The only serious drawback is the lack of mobile Google services and a lot of Chinese in return. For those who can distinguish a smartphone from the iron, it will not be a problem, since there are a lot of instructions, step by step written how to return the services of Google in a smartphone. But, as the basis for the OS is used Android 10.

By the way, here AppGallery

Significant cons I would mention only the price. This year it became higher than in the past and is 1100 dollars. That’s a lot even for a smartphone, which has no problems with anything. In the case of Huawei, we have a number of difficulties and was emerging the company’s desire to mass distribute their smart phones by providing discounts. It would be logical to throw off the price, so that buyers were more interested in the Mate 30 Pro and not, say, the Galaxy S10 or OnePlus 7 Pro.

The smartphone is beginning to develop not a week before the presentation, and at least a few months before her. Most likely, Huawei Mate 30 Pro began to develop in the early years, i.e. before the imposition of sanctions. It is not excluded that the smartphone was supposed to cost more, if everything was normal. In any case, $ 1,100 for this, even good, expensive smartphone. I wouldn’t buy it and opted for Huawei R30 Pro experience which I shared a few months ago. He’s so cool, but he had no such problems with Android. And the price tag there are much more enjoyable.

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