The monument via Google Maps, watch the newest way to celebrate the e-

النصب عبر خرائط جوجل.. احذر الطريقة الأحدث للاحتيال الإلكتروني

New tricks followed by some scammers successfully, is that time in fooling ordinary people through the service “Google Maps“, so a meal warning.

The monument via a map service

It seems that the means of the monument followed by the crooks by technology, not available one day for a surprise Friday, as it appeared on the surface recently is one of the ways of celebrating the controversial, marked by that time in taking advantage of the possibility for the ordinary user to modify the data included service Google Maps, helping professionals monument on the pages of the internet, in the modification the telephone numbers of banks and financial institutions, and replace them by their numbers personal.

It started in India, when the company received local there are several reports in the last month, that customers of some banks to the monument, where it worked the trick major with their contact phone numbers of banks, set out the service of Google Maps, showing that they have undergone to deal with some of the content needs on the World Wide Web, to become a numbers person.

The scammers managed via phone calls that they got from customers of banks unwary, from the collection of financial information of their own, it did not matter that one of those customers even for a moment, in that he’s not talking with the bank representative, but the content of the content, and gets its data to exploit later in the theft of his money, prompting police in India issue a statement to reveal the dangerous conformism sometimes behind the information shown on the pages of the internet, especially with the possibility of modification, as is the case with the map service Google.

Comment Google

He didn’t want the official spokesperson for Google in the commentary, clearly the recent crisis, exactly, but it’s already been confirmed to the newspaper “The Hindu” famous, that the company is always working to cure the problems that might hit service, Google Maps, reality subject to constant adjustments by ordinary users.

The official spokesman said then: “the opportunity for the average user, in order to modify the data included Maps Google, ensures the subordination of the service to update constantly, but we know the possibility of amendments to the bad or inaccurate sometimes, so we realized this occurs, we immediately treat the crisis and correct the error”.

In the end, does not mean the outbreak of the crisis in India only, even now, the difficulty of its implementation in other states, so advised not to rely on the phone numbers of the banks set out to the internet, only when its source is the official page of the bank itself.

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