The more recent announcement of the Google phone the Google Pixel 3a make fun of ” Phone X “


Google announced recently about the two phones Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL. This is about phones of the middle class, but they still retain some features phones the Google Pixel 3 high-end, such as the camera. This means that for a few hundred dollars, you’ll get features it was possible to be exclusive to the phone the Google Pixel 3.

Google will show this fact by buying some spaces for billboards making fun of ” Phone X ” which costs 999$, despite the fact that his camera doesn’t offer the same performance provided by the camera of your phone the Google Pixel 3a which will cost$ 399 only. Of course, it doesn’t take a lot of smarts to realize that Google mean here Series iPhone X Series, which cost more than $ 1000, but based on the reviews, they are still lagging behind in relation to the capabilities of the camera.

Of course, the capacity of the camera to tell us one side of the story only, and to be separate, was always iPhone able to capture some amazing images. May be camera phones and the iPhone suffer from a lack in some aspects, but who’s to say he can’t buy Apple improved the camera in the models of the iPhone in the future? In the meantime, it also appears that Google is trying to get customers to move to phones Google Pixel new by giving them a discount when they make for the iPhone their own in favor of the company in order to get phone the Google Pixel 3a or Google Pixel 3a XL instead.

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