The most dangerous laptop in the world is now available for purchase for US $ 1.2 billion


Do you have 1.2 million USD ready to be spent on anything? Well, if you are, you might be interested in buying “The Persistence of Chaos”, which is a piece of art created by an artist online Guo O Dong. This piece of art is not a painting or a piece of the, but the laptop is full of six of the most dangerous malware in the world. This computer contains six of the most dangerous viruses, however it would be users in complete safety, provided that they don’t associate that computer with a WiFi network or connect it with a USB key.

Must remain laptop isolated to ensure no spread of malware to other computers. Tell the artist Guo O Dong site The Verge that the goal of the creation of this laptop is to give a physical representation of the threats posed by the digital world.

Said Guo O Dong : ” can cause viruses in direct damage if affected on the network or energy infrastructure, the General Assembly “. He noted at the same time that people have a perception that things that occur in the computers can not affect us in the real world. Host computer Samsung-screen 10.2 inch, these viruses are the Six that have been chosen because of the size of the economic harm caused.

Include a list of viruses, the virus ILOVEYOU, which appeared in the early year 2000 as a message of love attached with e-mails. In addition, the list includes also the virus WannaCry that says shut down computer and allows access to its contents until the ransom is paid with the knowledge that many of the intelligence agencies made it clear that North Korea is behind this virus. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the security company DeepInstinct is repeated in “The Persistence of Chaos” and sell it at auction. The current supply of slightly more than $ 1.2 billion.


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