The most durable reusable adhesive created thanks to the snails

There are many adhesive substances, the existence of which some people do not even suspect. For example, an international company Bostik produces a lot reusable sticky Blu Tack, which is positioned as a replacement for the stationery buttons for fastening papers to the wall. Though it is an adhesive substance and is reusable, but to call it reliable simply impossible. However, researchers from Pennsylvania and Lyaskovo University have developed an adhesive composition that possesses great strength, and it is easily unstuck and re-usable.

The creation of this glue was inspired by the snail, which constantly secrete mucus to prevent drying out your body and easy movement. Under adverse conditions this mucus can take the form of so-called epiphragma — layer that penetrates into the pores and irregularities of the surfaces and solidifies. With it, shellfish can stick to the trees and safety to survive adverse conditions. After a time the snails can weaken your glue with moisture, and move on.

The best adhesive reusable?

Scientists led by Professor of chemical engineering Shu Yang discovered that the polymer polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate (pHEMA) has the same properties as epiphragma snails. In particular, we are talking about finding the stiffness after drying, and elasticity when exposed to moisture — because of this, it can penetrate into the microscopic cracks of surfaces and hard to hold objects. When wet it easily peels away, leaving no trace.

When he’s tough, he’s like super glue, and does not pull out the object. But, magically, you can wet it and see how he effortlessly slips, explained Professor Shu Yang.

To prove the strength of a new glue type glue, researcher Jason Christopher Jolly insurance glued the rope to the ceiling using deposited on a tiny patch of matter pHEMA. Oddly enough, the rope it easily kept — this means that the generated glue is if not the best glue, but at least the strongest among reusable.

Epiphragma snails

The production machines will be cheaper and faster

According to the researchers, based on pHEMA reusable adhesive can considerably simplify vehicle Assembly and reduce the cost of production. Some elements of the machine are connected to each other by using strong glue, gluing uneven, and some part you can permanently ruin the entire part. If in order to use adhesive based on pHEMA, when an error occurs, parts can easily detach and connect again.

Disadvantages of reusable adhesive

Of course, scientists do not ignore the main weakness of the new glue when exposed to moisture it is immediately weakened. Because of this parts car will need a good seal, and the use of the construction can not be excluded. However, the researchers do not intend to stay, and it can improve the technology.

This is not the first case when animals have inspired scientists to create a sticky substance. In 2017, the South Korean researchers from Sungkyunkwan University have created an underwater adhesive tape inspired by octopus. To read about it in our material.

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