The most important 5 advantages should be if provided in the phone Pixel 4 Associated

Began to abound since the duration of the leaks relating to the phone (Pixel 4) Pixel 4 from Google, with it not expected to announce the phone by the month of October next. In response to these leaks, the company abandoned its Google for speed, published two days before her own photo showing the back of the phone in full, and the temple; which seems to be of black glass, we saw the company logo, in the upper left corner there is a camera system square shape, has two cameras. There is no sensor mark behind me; as in previous versions.

In the image published by Google in a tweet on Twitter, it seems they will abandon the design duo color shade which characterized the previous versions, a change welcomed by many.

Here, we present to you the advantages that we believe should be if added to the (4 pixel):

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1. Longer battery life

Was the age of the battery in the phone (Pixel 3), and to a lesser extent in the (PX 3 x Il), is disappointing. Although such phones large size able to fit a battery with a larger capacity, only to phones in a smaller size, such as: (Galaxy S) Samsung, and(for iPhone X-s) of Apple, has overtaken the (Pixel 3) in battery life. So Google improve the battery life in the (4 pixel).

2. Improvements to the camera

Increased imaging capabilities in smart phones to new levels in recent years, after companies have been competing years ago on the best rear cameras, are now competing to offer the biggest number of cameras with improvements to imaging capabilities, we have seen phones offering up to 5 cameras background.

In the image published by Google, we saw that the phone will feature two cameras background, in addition to the sensor a third to improve the imaging capabilities. Which, unlike the previous version, which has been pushing Google to provide a single camera specification strong, compared to other companies that made phones with two cameras, three cameras.

And the improvements hoped for in a phone (Pixel 4) improve the quality of images in low-light conditions, auto focus, and convergence of the visual, the ability to record 4K video with support for HDR, in addition to the capabilities of augmented reality, which is something Google service (Google provide) Google Lens.

3. Shipped faster

Supports Google fast charging technology through a port (USB-C) USB-C, in Can 18 watts. However, this speed is still disappointing, since some companies started to make phones able to Quick Charge can 45 watts.

With regard to the report of wireless charging, the phone (pixels 3) supports this technique can 10 watts, but alas, the Google has made the rules of the wireless charging standard (Qi) the Qi from the external parties don’t ship but can 5 watts only, so in an effort to promote the platform (pixel style) Pixel Stand Out, and is the only product capable of shipping possible full.

Should google be supported in the phone (Pixel 4) wireless charging technology rapid can 15 watts, with support for shipping possible the full home, produced by third party companies.

4. Screen-resolution and highest brightness

The cell (Pixel 3) and(Pixel 3 XL) screen-resolution colour high, but the brightness level is not at the required level when using the phone outside the house, you should Google increase the brightness level.

At the time of the boom of video games on mobile devices, in order to strengthen its presence in this area through a service (Google states) Google Stadia, should Google offer a phone with a screen with a refresh rate high as 90 Hz, as in the phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) OnePlus 7 Pro, or 120 Hz as in the phone (Reiser von 2) Razer Phone 2.

5. The capabilities of artificial intelligence the most powerful

It is known that Google is one of the most powerful companies in the field of artificial intelligence; the level of quality of its search engine and its services miscellaneous other, has been able in few years to make her assistant digital (Google and see) Google Assistant a strong competitor, and rights in some things, to aid senior: (Alexa) Alexa from Amazon, and (Siri) Siri of Apple.

So, waiting to see the capabilities of artificial intelligence the most powerful in the phone (Pixel 4), especially that Google has announced during the developers conference’s annual Google I/O 2019, held in the month of May last, that the next generation of (Google set) come with the (4 pixel).


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