The most important 5 questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 platforms

Rival company Samsung in the smartphone market and leading through the series (Galaxy S) Galaxy S(and Galaxy Note) Galaxy Note, where people wait for experts every year, especially those interested in the Middle Technical to discover a new trend in which company, and what will its new features in its phones.

Has reported a new report for the site (CNET) Cnet technical; that Samsung is going to advertise her smart phone associated with the (Galaxy Note 10) Galaxy Note 10 on 7 August, during a special event will be held in the city of New York, in the same place in which it declared last year’s ninth issue of safety phone (Galaxy Note 9).

According to the plans of the launch of the Samsung products the new year; we can say that this information is correct is great, but most of the launch of the tenth issue of the series (Galaxy Note 10), is what plans Samsung has to add it to this series?

It should be noted that Samsung has faced many criticisms through the year 2018 because of the lack of innovation in its devices this year, but they surprised everyone by 2019, where it launched a series of phones (Galaxy S 10) Galaxy S10, which included many changes: starting from the sensor of the fingerprint of the finger ultrasound under the screen, and the lack of any bump in the screen’s front camera in the same screen, camera three lenses, and even phone (Galaxy S 10 5 g) Galaxy S10 5G, which works on the networks of the fifth generation, with a large screen size of 6.7-inches, camera to change the three-dimensional.

Also announced this year for a phone (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold, which competed in the category of phones collapsible – which is a new category of mobile devices – in spite of all the problems related to the design and durability faced by the company, and the timing of its launch.

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But at the same time, rumors surfaced claiming that the upcoming iPhones will contain a rear camera, three lenses, and that Google leaked the official image for its upcoming (Pixel 4) Pixel 4, which will feature rear camera, multiple lenses also, for the first time in the history of the series phones pixels, based on all of that; it is clear that the biggest rival Samsung will betray a strong battle with it in the next versions.

This will make the phone (Galaxy Note 10) as a turning point for Samsung phones, so trying to improve everything you can do using a smart phone standards.

Here are the top 5 questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

1 – is there a need to launch two versions of the phone?

When the leaks showed the amount that phone (Galaxy Note 10) will have a battery with a capacity of 4170 Milli-amp/ hour, it was worrying to some extent, because the battery capacity will be greater by $ 170 Milli-amp only from the phone’s battery (the Galaxy Note 9), the smaller the amount of 330 ma only phone battery Galaxy S10 5G, this may mean that phone (Galaxy Note 10) will be of version supports 5G.

But based on the reports of the Korean sites, it seems that Samsung is planning to launch two versions of its new phone: a smaller version with a screen of 6.3 inches, and the issuance of the larger screen of 6.75 inches.

2 – What can you add Samsung S Pen S-Pen for?

قلم S-Pen

In the past year; Samsung has added some remote control functions to the pen S-Pen, which allowed users to do things such as: running applications, and remote, starting the camera applications and to the application of Powerpoint, and music players, in addition to its use in writing and drawing.

But over the past two years, it looks like Samsung has reached the maximum development of Pen S-Pen – which is the most important characteristic of the series phones Galaxy Note – especially since the screens that touch screen phones have become characterized by the response of the top, which makes us wonder about the number of users who really want a phone that supports the pen?

3 – How many cameras on the phone, and the optical zoom that will be it?

أهم 5 أسئلة تدور حول هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي نوت 10

Issued a company (Oppo) OPPO in the development of camera phones New, especially when support has her phone OPPO Reno 10x Zoom camera technology supports optical zoom up to 10 times, which was developed in collaboration with the company CorePhotonics; specialized in the technology of cameras, but what many don’t know that Samsung had acquired this company at the beginning of this year.

So the important question now is; what if Samsung is ready for the first time support for phone camera (Galaxy Note 10) with zoom in/ out, and a camera imaging the three-dimensional provided by the AT version of the Galaxy S10 5G?

If the Samsung has this feature in the phone (Galaxy Note 10), with the main camera, the camera’s wide-angle existing in the Galaxy S10, it would give the phone 4 cameras different background, which may be the imaging kit the most impressive on the level of all the smart phones this year.

4 – will you take the Samsung for the port of heaven traditional?

أهم 5 أسئلة تدور حول هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي نوت 10

In time the increasingly popular wireless earbuds, and Samsung is of the most prominent companies competing in this field through her stethoscope. (Galaxy best) Galaxy Buds, but it’s still one of the largest manufacturers of phones that are not taken from the outlet of the heavens of the traditional 3.5 mm mobile phones.

But the latest registration of Korean sites indicate that Samsung would do it this year and give up on the separate heavens in the traditional phone (Galaxy Note 10), which would force potential buyers of the phone to use the USB-C port for headphones, charging the phone, or go wireless headsets.

5. Do you control the phone (Galaxy Note 10) for sale by Samsung Galaxy Fold?

أهم 5 أسئلة تدور حول هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي نوت 10

After the decision of Samsung to postpone the official launch of the phone (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold in order to address some design flaws, the show each week new information about the cancelled pre orders for the phone, however despite repeated rumors which claim that the Galaxy Fold will be called soon, there is no release date of the specific phone from the company itself.

If this delay is longer, it has gotten to the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 for sale, before the Galaxy Fold, although the latter has been announced by the company for the first time in late February.

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