The most important advantages that stolen by Samsung from Apple and vice

Waiting for Samsung phones and iPhone among most smart phone users today. So it is no surprise the exchange of benefits between both companies. As a result, still issues between the two companies list to now all of them received the charges on the other that it has been stolen or if you wish you say copy feature or the other. In our article we will explain you the most important of those features that took Apple to Samsung and vice versa. Proceed with us.

أهم المزايا التي سرقتها سامسونج من أبل والعكس

First: nurses stolen by Samsung from Apple

Feature en Emoji

Appeared feature Animoji for the first time to sync with the launch of the iPhone X as a method to track facial movements and bring it down on the image of the animal, emulating perfectly the movements of the face. The truth is that Apple mastered this very feature thanks to the use of a number of sensors in addition to the depth camera in the iPhone x. With the launch of the Samsung S9 Samsung made something similar to feature money called en Emoji through which are tracking the movement of the face and drop those movements to an animated character like a person rather. And the truth is, according to many reports, that Samsung did not make those water good as Apple so that they rely on a traditional camera is not sophisticated and feature depth as found in the iPhone but she was trying to wanted to Samsung for Apple.

Icons are square-shaped, round corners or Squircle

Since the beginning of iOS imposed Apple developers use icons on the form of a square, round corners or what is known as the Squircle. Were not such restrictions in Android. However, Samsung is starting to use that form and supported in color dramatically at first, and those colors more calm now.

It is reported that this tradition although it was simple but it was and still is a key point in compensation cases waged by Apple on Samsung’s connect some already.

The layout of the camera app

In the updated iOS 7, which restored the Apple TV user interface design and especially the camera app and its advantages a professional, easy to like, scroll and navigate between different settings to change. Samsung newly using the same interface.

The back of the phone glass.

I thought Samsung to launch phones with plastic frames fully, even for the senior category at the time such a family S walnut. But Apple changed several times from the design of the iPhone and services used in, for example, I thought she moved to the glass in the iPhone 4 and that the first company to do this and returned to it again in the latest version 8 and X. Samsung when it decided to abandon the design of the plastic also moved to the glass with her phone S6 remained that way until now.

To clarify, what happened: Apple launches iPhone plastic and then when I left him, moved the glass then the aluminum and then glass. Samsung was released phones plastic then when I left her she moved the glass, not any other option.

Apps in home screen

In Samsung devices you can see the Home screen but apps little that you can customize it. This thing don’t see it in the iOS system, and some considered that the weakness of the Apple TV system. However, the strange thing is, having the option in the Samsung devices starting from phone S8, you can make your home screen stacked apps just like Apple.

The second characteristic of stolen Apple from Samsung

Here I like the play Apple for transfer for any feature is that this feature should be important and represent a radical change in the manufacture of the phone or in his system. Take an example, fingerprint, face ID, the idea of unlocking the phone with the fingerprint of the face, has been provided by many phone companies have proved its failure dramatically. However, Apple took this concept and ran with it, said its development until it became something amazing that we see today. Yes, the water present in Android, but don’t you dare any company to support the payment by him for easy exceeded.

If so what are the things stolen by Apple from Samsung? Continued with us.

Apple Stylus Pen Samsung S

Use the stylus of your Samsung sync with the launch of its device Note for the first time on 29 October 2011, while Apple used the pen only in its device iPad Pro in 2015. The two companies on improving their pens and disinfected. It is reported that the Apple stylus is a device that connects to Bluetooth The to charge while the pen works without charging. And the price of the pen Apple to $ 99, while the pen comes free of charge or independently for $ 30.

OLED screens

It wasn’t OLED screens good initially, but LCD screens miss her much has been stated by Tim Cook in 2013 that LCD beats OLED screens and noted the low technology of those screens at the time, and His Word was really “time.” The main problems of OLED screens in that period it was not accurate in color, as well as the existence of problems in the saturation of the colors, problems with screen brightness in the sun, and consume more energy, and more.

With the maturation of OLED technology lessened the gap between them and LCD screens, but surpassed it, making Apple use the latest in its organs. Thus, Samsung is the leader of the OLED technology but Samsung made screens offer better performance than others.

Screen from edge to edge

The Alliance of both companies to reduce the dialogue as much as possible over time, however, Samsung made a leap at the launch of the S6, both in 2015 in an attempt to provide the edges of the phone but it kept on having screen button. It took 30 months until Apple provide iPhone X Screen from edge to edge concept is different as it has become the concept Apple is the first phone up to the Parties to the four screen.

*Previously the company Shao Apple and Samsung phone Mi Mix was the first phone to full screen but was a proliferation of weak compared even with Samsung.

Wireless charging

I started wireless charging technology in 2015, while the Samsung’s adoption of them in her phone S6. And then she evolved and improved this technology even adopted by Apple in iPhone 8 in 2017.

Dual Camera with optical stabilization

Companies add years feature optical stabilization OIS. When the transition was made to cable binary late many of them, especially the Apple in support of the water where it was supported in a single lens only. Ever again Samsung Apple added the feature in the rear camera for phone its Note 8, and then launched the Apple iPhone X and support for that technology from Apple.

The Secretariat the launch of the Note 8 was before 1 month only from the release of X, which means that Apple already had working on the water before provided in Samsung but in the end, Samsung already.

US companies are at this point. It still is a takeover of the company on the ideas of another company existed for all eternity even remain those companies especially Apple and Samsung two on the top of the smartphone market. Tongue course say won’t let you taste the cake alone I want to live also.

Do you think that the theft of corporate ideas, some is good for us as users is? If you learn copy feature by the company of the other tell us in the comments



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