The most important events in the history of Google

Officially Google domain was registered September 15, 1997, the company appeared on 4 September of the same year, however, Google decided to make a birthday September 27, 1998 and it is still unclear why this date was key. Perhaps the truth we will never know. In this article we consider the most important events in the history of the beloved Google. 20 years is a serious period for a technology company. In this industry, everything develops very quickly, and stay afloat for so long is a giant.

Google Search

The main product can be called Google search engine Google Search, which began a journey Google.

The first Doodle from Google

The first Doodle appeared in 1998. Doodles — drawings using the logo of the company that reflect any important events in the history of mankind.

Selling Google

In 1999 the market was a strong player in Internet search — Excite. Brin and page suggested the company to buy Google and its algorithms for 750 thousand dollars, but they refused.

Now Google is estimated at 825 billion dollars.


This service offers advertisers the advertising for a certain amount. The service was launched in 2000 and currently brings the company 86% of the profits.

“You googled?”

Publicly for the first time this phrase was uttered on TV 15 October 2002. Currently, it is rather a household word, and is similar to the phrase “You searched the Internet?”.

Purchase offer from Yahoo

In 2002, Google earned in the year is already $ 240 million. Yahoo at that time received 837 million a year. The company wanted to buy Google for 3 billion dollars, but page and Brin were willing to sell Google for $ 5 billion. Yahoo has abandoned this idea and, apparently, nothing.


In 2004 he released a public beta of the mail client Gmail, and only in 2009, the company has released a stable version.

Google Maps

In 2005 was launched the map service Google Maps. These are the most popular cards in the world today.


Probably the most successful purchase of Google is YouTube, which was bought in 2004 for $ 1.65 billion. YouTube is in second place in the world in attendance, ahead of its only site

In may 2017 YouTube was valued at $ 160 billion, which exceeds the purchase price 100 times.

The first Android-smartphone

In 2008 was presented the first Android smartphone. The Android operating system owned by Google and is distributed freely. More than 80% of smartphones in the world run on this OS. Isn’t that a success?

Google Chrome

In September 2008, the company launched the Google Chrome browser. This is the most popular browser in the world.

Of course, you can say that Google has a lot of failed projects, but it is worth noting that popular projects are so popular, that any failure on their background is only a test of the pen.

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