The most important features of the assistant Google Google Assistant the new material arriving in the Arab world

أهم مميزات مساعد جوجل Google Assistant الجديدة، وموعد وصوله إلى الوطن العربي

In the events of the conference, Google’s annual developers I / O 2018, Google announced the new updates to out smart Google Assistant make it worth a well-deserved title of the smartest personal assistant according to the research firm Stone Temple marketing.

The company said the application of artificial intelligence techniques to help their personal Google Assistant to become smarter and better than ever, to be able to plugin make voice calls and get the new sounds, and other features of the other.

The most important features of Google Assistant new :

  • More new sounds with artificial intelligence

Beginning from now, will receive the assistant Google on 6, new dialects and tones different, shown with artificial intelligence. Previously, he was assistant Google is a real person sitting in a studio for countless hours, the record of requests and answers, voice variety.

Now Google is able to cooperate with team DeepMind for automated on making the sounds of the artificial perfectly matched to the real sound. This technique is used to advantage WaveNet team DeepMind at Google.

  • Make voice calls and book appointments

Thanks to artificial intelligence, will help Google perform a vital role more than ever before, the application will be able to make calls with the restaurants and the various places to book and specify your appointments.

  • The feature “Multiple actions”

The beginning of the new update can help Google to understand and analyse the pending orders are more intelligent than ever before, thanks to the great development reached by Google in the field of artificial intelligence.

  • The conversation level of a “Continued Conversation.”

In the former the user need to repeat the word “hey google” every time he wants to talk to Google, but now with the advantage of conversation level would not need to have that Word constantly the conversation will be always ready.

  • Finally, the most important feature was announced on the last day of the conference is the arrival of the assistant to 80 countries around the world, according to the assistant to the assistant Vice President of Engineering Google’s Scott Huffman: “at the end of this year, will plugin 30 languages will be available in 80 countries”

أهم مميزات مساعد جوجل الجديدة

And remember to Google the names of the countries that will be up to the plugin explicitly, but introduced a large map of the world illustrating the countries that will be up to the plugin, they are: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

If you’ll up the plugin in Arabic end of this year according to google, it is likely to come in the local dialects, too!

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