The most important hidden tricks in the Galaxy S9 features of the Samsung s9

Advantages you should know in the Samsung Galaxy s9

If you own one of the Android phones you should know that you’re lucky where you can customize your phone to the network that you want to compare phones to the iPhone that don’t provide you the option of variety to customize your smartphone, and of course if you own the Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S9, it means you’re very lucky where you’re between your hands Phone of the best smartphones in the market Samsung Galaxy s9 from one of the phones and provide you with many of useful features that you might not notice .

Not only has my company Samos advantages of customization that provide its you to Android phones in general, but she’s added many of the features which might be hidden for many users, during the article, we will explore the most hidden tricks in the Galaxy S9 and, of course, not all of them be limited to Samsung phones only new but you can get them in phones is old fashioned also of Samsung phones, as you can see the article tips to improve the performance of the battery of the two phones Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

The most important tricks and hidden in the Samsung Galaxy S9

You know the most important features to pay you for the purchase and acquisition of the Samsung Galaxy s9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 plus here

Activating the screen saver while charging

Be screen Galaxy S9 black by default during shipping but you can activate the feature screen saver to add a personal touch to the phone such as choosing the color screen there are more options you can choose what suits you:

ميزة screen saver
Feature screen saver
تفعيل screen saver جلاكسي s9
Activate the screen saver Galaxy s9

Go to Settings then screen settings, then choose screen saver and select the screen pattern you like.

Customize the appearance of search bar Google on the Home screen

Shows the Google search bar on the Home screen of the Galaxy S9 in white by default but you can change it to any color you want also you can change its shape to keep the box or make it transparent how you want:

شريط بحث جوجل في الشاشة الرئيسية
Bar Google Search in home screen

Of bar Google search you can click on the three points existing in the left side and then click on the Customize option and choose what suits you best from the various options.

Unlock the screen of the self during the look of your phone

Provide Samsung that feature a while ago dubbed Smart Stay that enables you to make the front camera of the phone moving which if you look at the screen or not, which you can keep the screen of your phone open and not have to click on it from time to time, which is a good feature if you’re reading a long article.

تفعيل ميزة smart stay
Activate smart stay

You can click on Settings and then choose advanced features and then option to Smart stay and share the key next to it to activate it.

Control the music settings

You can through a range of options that provide you the Samsung the possibility of making a sound of music issued from the phone such as the settings for Dolby Atmos which make the sound seem as if it’s coming from your room along with the option of Tube Amp Pro which gives to the voice the music the power and clarity along with the advantage UHQ upscaler which gives the phone potential to improve the quality of the sound from the headphones and you can access these settings by:

اعدادات الموسيقى و الصوت في هاتف galaxy s9
The settings of music and sound in phone galaxy s9
اعدادات الموسيقى
The settings of sound quality and music
مميزات جودة الصوت و الموسيقى
Features sound quality and music

Go to Settings then sounds and vibrations and then test the sound quality and effects.

Reduce the level of vibration

You think the vibrations made when received a notice in Samsung phones very very fortunately that you can control the level of vibration:

Head to Settings then sounds and vibration then the vibration level and at indicator vibration.

Change the vibration pattern for notifications

When you receive the notice in default be a long vibration for all notification types, but fortunately that you can change it to be more clear.

Go to Settings then sounds and vibration then the vibration pattern and then set a different style for each notification including phone calls.

The possibility to drag the notifications bar from anywhere in the screen

You can drag the Notification panel from the top of the phone screen Galaxy S9 and not only that, but you can scroll down also to pull the Notification panel:

Access to the settings and then the screen and then Home screen then Home screen and choose advantage of the Quick-open notification panel and the switch next to that option to activate it.

Control in the form of applications on the Home screen

By default the screen displays the main application away from each other and gives you a lot of control where you want to go icons to the inside of the screen but you can overcome that obstacle by:

Head to Settings then Home screen then the Home screen and from there you can put applications next to each other.

Activate night mode

That feature is not limited to Android phones, but they are also available in the Apple phones, and Samsung phones you will find its name Blue Light Filter which lets you reduce the intensity of the Color Blue during the night to be able to sleep continuously at night.

تفعيل ميزة الوضع الليلي
Activate night mode
وضع Blue Light Filter
Put a Blue Light Filter

Click on Settings and then the screen and then filter Blue Light Filter and activate it in line with your needs.


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