The most important is what announced by Facebook in the first day of the developer conference F8

Starting on Tuesday of the conference developers annual “F” F8 with Facebook, where the cops know about your grandparents in all that relates to their services is different, which is not limited to network, Facebook social, but also include other services; owned by the company, including: Instagram, andWhatsApp.

At the opening session of the first day of the conference, tried to Facebook founder CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) focus on that “the future will be special”, in reference to the neglect of privacy that has become of the most prominent disadvantages of Facebook, which he referred to Zuckerberg, saying: “I understand that a lot of people complain that we are serious in it, I know we’re not someone who enjoys the best reputation in regard to privacy at the moment.” He stressed that the company is committed to making privacy the “next chapter” for their services.

During the opening session of the first day of the F8 conference, Facebook announced its updates to the new service of photo sharing Instagram, the application main, application messaging, instant messenger, in addition to advertising superior belonging to the messaging application WhatsApp and the “portal” the Portal, and virtual reality glasses of Oculus.

Network Facebook will in the world to focus on groups and events

The company said Facebook recently: it will start to reduce the focus on the page “latest news”, and now after the first day of the F8, it has become understood what she meant company.

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During the opening session of the conference, Zuckerberg announced about the update a whole new company, the reputation of “the fifth generation of Facebook” FB5, which will be the focus of the company in the new generation on communities and events, so create a special tab sets, and updates dedicated to the groups the current user rather than the public updates of friends.

Aims the new update is also to help people expand their social circles, as the company launched a new feature known as “exposure to new friends and” Meet New Friends, which connect the different people who gathered their things in common, such as: school, or work.

Also included update to provide easier ways to find events nearby. This will get the Facebook app on the new update as of today for Android phones and iOS. The desktop version will get the update later this year.

Instagram gets the advantages of the new imaging and reduces the impact of “likes”

Have applied Instagram for a good reputation as compared to the application other Facebook, but the execution barrier between the users affects sometimes on that reputation. So, Facebook announced its new ways to interact with followers, while minimizing the influence of the likes that may cause stress to users.

The Facebook new interface of the camera, to the side of the “creativity mode” Create Mode, which makes it easy for users to create content beyond photos and videos, such as competitions. Expanded Instagram is also a feature that allows people to purchase products from within the app, which became available for artists, athletes, and others, in addition to companies.

Announced that Facebook officially they vary in current time the possibility to hide the number of likes, in order to make users concentrate more on audio and video, which involved, not on the number of likes that they get.

Facebook Messenger will focus on “close friends”

Said Facebook: it’s reshaping the the application Messenger to bother to communicate with friends, it has become possible to write status messages or share photos with close friends. Got app also on a big update, to become faster to run and less in size, does not exceed 30 MB, this size is equal to 20% of the current size. The company also announced that a special version personal computers working with windows and Mac coming later this year.

System two virtual reality Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest, coming after 3 weeks

I opened the Facebook door to demand the amount on my glasses virtual reality “Oculus Costa” and “Oculus Rift s”, which extends the bamboo that they were using a system integrated tracking camera tracking of Foreign Affairs. This will put the glasses as of May 21 at a price of $ 399 for both, so in 22 countries.

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