The most important of all the “weather” in the house

Residents of Metropolitan areas know that it is often the environmental situation leaves much to be desired, but most people just live with it and not think about the cleanliness of the air. There are those who truly monitor the situation around him. For those who think about their health there are devices that allow you to do this easily and conveniently.

The essence of the device, about which we will tell today, is that it allows you to monitor environmental surroundings, but also to learn the data on the temperature and monitor the history of changes in these indicators.

Small tube with great features

The analyzer presented in this overview is a small tube, the size of which is comparable with a small lighter or even a battery. At least Atmotube 2.0 (as it is called) will easily fit even in a female hand, and its really tiny size.

At the same time, it allows you to monitor the environment both at home and on the road. In the first case it can be simply placed on a table or shelf, and the second included is a carabiner, allowing you to hang it on backpack, purse, pocket or car mirror.

On one side of the device is a semi-ring for attaching to a carabiner and charging port. It is worth noting that this USB Type-C.

On the other hand there is a grating covering the main component of the device — the sensors measuring air quality and temperature.

On the side of the face has a button and a bright led light that allows you to assess the quality of the air without having to launch the application. It has several shades of light corresponding to the level of quality/air pollution.

Regular geometrical shape allows to put the device on any flat surface for measurement in a stationary mode, for example, home or office.

To work with device there’s an app that you can download in AppStore and Play Market. After installation, you will only need to turn it on or make a pair that takes just a few seconds.


The app itself on the home screen displays a summary indicator of air quality, temperature, relative humidity and rate of volatile organic compounds (over 100 items, including propane, formaldehyde, benzene, acetone and others), a level often exceeded in offices and homes, where there is defective furniture or recently renovated.

If you open a separate menu, you can find section of stories in which the indicators appear in the dynamics and allow us to estimate when the situation was most unfavorable. If you wear Atmotube 2.0 with you, you will be able to understand in which area the air is worse and which places to avoid.

In addition, you can not remember where and in what period of time you were, but just to see the data on the map, which is displayed in a special section of the app.

If you activate the appropriate configuration can not only observe, but also to receive notification of major changes in air quality. And for more comfortable work with the application any question or misunderstanding of the display, you can open apps, which are all described in detail and indicates which ranges are permissible which are acceptable and which are considered critical.

The use of the device

It is no secret that a large part of the population of Russia lives in conditions of large cities. In some cases this even of the industrial city. With the environment in such places is not very good, and the harmful effects of polluted air effect immediately, it has a cumulative effect. That is why the quality of the air around him to watch out.

Atmotube 2.0 will help to understand when the air is polluted and when it is necessary to change something, for Example, to ventilate a room where a lot of carbon monoxide. Or check the air in the area where you want to buy apartment, because you will be there very often.

Toxic components that “flies” in the air are very harmful and can lead not only to headaches, but to a gradual decline in health. This is especially true of young children whose organism is only being formed.

In addition to our usual toxic formaldehyde, acetone and other particles which are in the air, there are things which we do not pay attention, namely: air pollution during cooking in the kitchen, work with the burner, of being in the room, where they often smoke and so on. For example, the excess CO in the room at all can lead to death.

Factors and places where the body is under the influence of substances which not only have the potential to lead to diseases of the lungs and liver, but loss of concentration and fatigue very much. It is to avoid such places, there are parsers like Atmotube 2.0, which help to find a relatively safe place for healthy recreation.

The results

If you watch your health and you are interested in what is happening around you, you might be interested in this analyzer. Especially, considering its size and easy to carry.

Also Atmotube 2.0 will be useful for those who have recently made repairs or bought new furniture and want to understand how to be safe with her in the same room.

A nice bonus is that the device, if it is to carry, can show the ambient temperature. It is sometimes interesting, but without special tools, like Atmotube 2.0 to find out it does not work.

In the end, before us is an accessory that, though it seems big before you pull it out of the box, then completely changes the perception of yourself and Vice versa becomes a miniature helper and the analysis of the environment, which can be set permanently and, thanks to the internal battery, to take with you.

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