The most important offering from Apple in the second beta of the iOS update 13

I started Apple Day in the payment of the second beta of the iOS update 13 Developer millions, where this release comes with some features and improvements that we use in the following lines.

Offering Apple today the second beta of the iOS update 13, version a demo second iPadOS 13, with some changes and improvements and also possible Important available for preview today the developer of registered Apple, with the advantage to install this version via OTA, as have the profiles via the website of Apple developers and executives.

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It comes in the second beta of the iOS update 13 some of the features and enhancements important:

  • Enable enables call servers to the SMB directly through the Files app
  • Supports APFS in the application files

  • Synchronize time settings Downtime with the Apple Watch smart
  • Comes tvOS 13 with a picture-in-picture now support multitasking on TVs Apple
  • Features and the new colors in the calendar interface Apple
  • Screen new development in the application of Apple Maps

  • The choices of new lighting at the camera with a choice of Light Mono with the highest level of lighting
  • The bar slides to the effects of light in the style of the Portrait

  • A new set of stickers Memoji that come with four expressions of victory, thinking

  • New start page to feature the photo in HomePod with more features that will be added in the fall of this year

  • The Mail app supports a new Select All messages at once “Select All”
  • The advantage of the voice control icon appears in the upper part to the left when you enable the following options:
  • When selecting the transmission without informing the emphasis on the transmission with Siri
  • Audio new when using the Tapback in the messages

  • Choices new to record notes, lists of revision notes in the Notes application
  • The possibility of a toggle button parallax when adjusting the settings of the wallpaper in the screen
  • Choose new in the safari to activate or cancel the review links

  • Tone audio’s new and stronger when prolonged pressure on the menu contextual
  • Update the design of the interface CarPlay, and now Playing in the CarPlay interface.


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