The most important representative of the expected arrival of their iPhone X and X Plus 2018

We revealed before about the best advantages of iPhone 9 economic based on the leaks, and today we reveal the most important advantages of the rest of the iPhone 2018: Khalifa iPhone X Screen olid 5.8-inch and iPhone X Plus screen olid 6.5 inch wheels that are coming with the same design for iPhone X in terms of glass structure and the dimensions of the screen and.

1) processor A12

The company announced TSMC from the start of its mass production to 7 nm, and as to A11 came to Core 10 Nm, expected to be A12 is intended; use the A12 phones iPhone X and X Plus this year will raise the efficiency of performance by 20% will reduce energy consumption by 40%, according to the rumors, and processor fee, is expected to be the successor of the iPhone X and X Plus stronger and faster in performance significantly on all phones, so does not support any smart phone until now processors core 7 Nm.

2) faster data transfer

Finally, will iPhones X new antenna multi-Input-Output 4×4 after she was called the iPhone 2 x 2, this would improve cellular network coverage and increases the speed of upload and download data.

3) faster charging charger suitable

Support lineup for iPhone current fast charging already, but is rumored to be improving the technique in the next generation, as is also rumoured to come plug fast charging capacity 18 watts in the Fund.

4) port for the connection

Some leaks that anyone implementing it would be to buy a electronic communication eSIM, having previously made by Apple in the iPad.

5) RAM 4 gigabytes

Thanks to the iOS home state well with iPhone, I didn’t care about Apple too much to increase the memory capacity of the random, it seems that iPhones X new memory to 4 gigabytes will be – for phones with 6 gigabytes of RAM.

6) iOS 12

As usual, coincides with the launch of the iOS version with the new lineup for iPhone new for version 12 focuses on improving performance, battery, and notifications will be.

7) 3 cameras

There is a big doubt for why I mentioned some leaks from the adoption of the camera in the iPhone X Plus, but if it happens, is expected to come up with the same preparation of the camera P20 Pro by adding a number of monochrome image editing in extras low. However, most reports confirm that the iPhones 2019 that would pay the camera three.

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