The most important representative of the expected oncoming of its paid Pro 2018

Still we didn’t get the complete idea about the products available announcement a few days before the conference Apple scheduled on October 30, but the leaks revealed us a lot about the star of the party expected, the iPad Pro design new. That was the highlights of what we heard:

1) fashionable design

Similar to smart phones, it is reported that the iPad Pro will come to the dialogue of the youngest to come to the small screen, 11 inch in the same size model 10.5 inch last year everyone model a 12.9-inch display in a size smaller than last year’s model.

As a result of the new design there will be no space for the button home, which will replace the system of gestures provided for the iPad with iOS 12, but will provide enough space to include a front camera or sensors necessary, so all the leaks almost remember the lack of note of the lack of a need to cut the screen.

Believed that the edges of the screen will be very small for two reasons: to protest the LCD screen used for large area, such as iPhone XR compared with the XS, and the necessity of having a space in Leeds user even be the distinct use of the iPad.

2) Face ID

Expected to come to iPad new pro’s ability to recognize three-dimensional on the face to unlock feature of the lock face, Face ID that will draw a reader fingerprint Touch ID, which was built right home, as well as the characters name memory.

As codes iOS 12.1 demo, the Face ID will identify the face in the horizontal position to the widespread use of the iPad in this situation, this to support a vertical position, which operates the water in the iPhone.

3) separate USB-C

Perhaps the feature least likely in this list, it is reported that Apple will change its dependence on outlet Lightning the come USB-C, which use in computers MacBook; according to rumor, it will eject the iPad Pro 4K video HDR to screen compatible via USB port-C.

4) digital pen-new

Expected Ming-Chi Kuo updated registry Apple TV which makes sense relative to that didn’t happen since 2015, as it alludes to that designs colorful logo Apple annex with the support of the conference, which makes us expect to be highlighted during the presentation of the new pen.

Abandon the separate heavens?

Perhaps the advent of USB-C at the expense of a separate phone 3.5 mm, which was abandoned by Apple in the iPhone two years ago.

Price expectations and tensions

Now that Apple has raised the prices of every model came with a camera the real depth that add facial recognition Face ID, given that the iPad Pro comes with a processor A12X new, has become the storage options start from 128 gigabytes instead of 64 gigabytes, are expected to increase the prices of the new models and to be as follows:

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