The most important tips to avoid overheating of the phone in the summer!

Whether your phone is iPhone or Android then surely you have faced the problem of rise in the temperature of the device at least once, especially with the high air temperature in summer.

For example, if you leave your phone the iPhone in the car for a long time or let him learn for a long time, you may receive a message warning you of the high temperature of the phone as show in the picture below, what the appropriate solution in this situation?

أهم النصائح لتجنب ارتفاع درجة حرارة الهاتف في الصيف

The most important tips to avoid overheating of the phone in the summer

If you see a message like this so don’t be scared it won’t take a few minutes to reset your phone to its normal state again, but first you have to do the following:

  • Hang up the phone permanently.
  • Tops banish him from the sun if not directly.
  • Remove the folder phone, if you put it in the portfolio.
  • Remove the phone from the charger if connected to it.

Finally, you can put the phone in the freezer for a few minutes, or if you have air conditioning in the car, turn it on and compensate the phone directly to him, in order to solve the problem of the hottest Android or iPhone.

But what if you increased the temperature of the phone during use?

The high temperature of the phone while playing games or surfing the internet is common, especially with high temperatures, or some games that use your memory.

In this case, will not reach the temperature of the phone to display a warning message, but you will increase the temperature of the device, and you need to cool the phone and the battery .

Turn off the game or the application that led to the high temperature of the phone and your device so that Christ, if the phone connected to the charger remove them, as well as reduce the brightness of the screen will help restore the temperature of the phone the assembly, and also a tendency to keep the phone a good solution in this case.

How to avoid the overheating of the phone?

In general, there are some precautionary steps that you must follow especially in the summer to keep your phone whatever type it is:

  • Don’t leave the phone in the car for a long time on a hot day.
  • Don’t leave the phone exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Take breaks while playing or watching video online.
  • Avoid charging the phone while playing games or watching video.

Keep in mind that phones, despite being computers Mini, but it does not have the same cooling systems that use their computers regular, so if your phone is too hot, may need some action and time to return to the natural temperature.

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