The most important tools of effective parental control to protect your child on the iPhone

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The most important parental controls to protect your child on the iPhone

With the technological development that we are witnessing in the recent period of increasing children’s use of smart phones, which often cause addiction to the use of those phones, and by her side the eagerness of Apple to address the addiction of children for the iPhone by providing more effective controls through the provision of tools for parental control ensures parents full control phones iPhone your children.

Through the article, we will explore the 7 most important and effective tools provided by Apple to promote parental control tools to protect children and to stop the risk of their addiction for smartphones, especially the iPhone .

Adjust the Screen Time Screen Time

أدوات الرقابة الأبوية

Adjust the Screen Time Screen Time

Of the most important tools for parental control provided by Apple is the possibility of control at the time of the screen, once you add your child to the feature of Family Sharing will be able to control the screen time.

You can go to Settings and then choose the screen time Screen Time and here you will be able to set the rules for the use of your child’s iPhone app, from the time of the stop screen via control applications along with the content restrictions and Privacy.

You will receive each week a detailed report will explain to you the number of times that the child your iPhone every day together with a review of the number of hours spent on each application, as you can check in to get that report daily.

Disable some apps

After you activate the options of the content restrictions will appear in the list of apps allowed Allowed Apps which you can turn off certain apps don’t want to be used by your child, if you do not wish your child can access the application Safari for example, or the internet in general you can through that list to prevent your child from installing apps or delete them or make in-app purchases.

Restrictions and content restrictions

After you control which applications your child accessed there are content restrictions which is one of the most important tools of parental control that you can take advantage of them and through that list you’ll be able to prevent your child from buying movies as you can also put the challenge to provide music, books, apps in addition to websites, we suggest to rely on the restriction of adult content or choose content small children then choose a number of web sites identified that your child can access.

Privacy settings

Of privacy settings you can prevent your child from turning off Location Services or location sharing, and other settings important, if you want to keep the advantage of knowing the location of your child’s geographical, you should make sure to activate location services, you should also check the applications that use the images your child like Instagram, Facebook and other applications.

And if you see one of the applications of gas familiar by using pictures of your child on it to restrict and ask your child about it.

To prevent adjustments

Of the most effective tools that you can use is a tool the changes of which prevent your child from making any changes in settings you made, such as the password and do not disturb.

Purchase order

Enables you to Apple company from the control purchases carried out by your kids through activation of the requested feature Ask to Buy for children less than 12 years have that option activated by default when you enable that option you will get notifications on your phone and to approve purchases that your child is doing as long as you include his name among the list of Family Sharing.

The participation of the geographical location of the

Through the advantage of Family Sharing you can check the activation of the participation of the geographical location of which enable you to know where your child is through the application of Find My Friends is an important feature for parents, especially if you can’t access to your child not answer your call, as you can see the hint about how to use parental controls on iPhone and iPad.

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