The most important what you should know when the work root for Android

When work root for Android, losing the ability to control the device and determine what is available and prohibited access, and this increases the risk on the device, while it can run apps can not run without it.

Despite ease of this process except that there is a lot of information that is possible to know about her, both from the side of the protection device or to achieve the maximum benefit after the root.

In this article we review important points to cover everything you need to know.

Protection no more by

To protect your phone after you routine, you have to do several things, most notably that the Don’t rush and download a lot of apps is a well-known and anonymous, because this is the biggest danger of what you can do on the phone.

In addition to that it download you virus to detect viruses, malware, and software firewall to prevent any connection to spam, and this software program AFWall++.

Also you can use one of the programs to clean the system from time to time to check, including CM Security and Clean Master. One of the most important things that you should take care of them is the competence of the programs.

Change the interface by ROMs rate

One of the nurses, which require no users after doing work root their phones is to change the interface entirely by the ROM rate. There is no specific number of them understand the many a lot of modifications and benefits for each of them, and one of the most famous of them is Cyanogen Mod.

Speed up your phone and optimize its performance

Some of are doing a route they do for one thing only, which speed up the phone. There are a lot of programs that you accelerate the phone already and can be used only after Root the phone. It is the best of these programs Greenify which is based on speed up your phone by stopping the operations of the programs in the background, and not worry about the important feature you can invest easily.

Although there are a lot of programs, Greenify is one of the best most notably also, the undemanding and good. One of its features also it does not shut down apps completely like some programs, it will be able to run the application that you want, whenever you want.

Restore deleted files

One of the advantages of root that you can use apps able to restore files that have been deleted, it is not delete a file by mistake and regretted it? It is the applications that do the work of the famous app Dumpster which performs better with Root, but some other tools require root to work. And also the application ES Files Explorer is an excellent solutions.

There are also a lot of other things that can be done after work route, some can put some of them should not be published by a serious. But those points that we mentioned upstairs, are the most determinants of rotavirus.

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