The most notable 5 features available in the service of the Amazon Prime

Lets you subscribe to a service (Amazon Prime) Amazon Prime; get discounts on many products sold on the website Amazon, in addition to shipping products in less time, with access to a very large number of films, songs, games, and much more.

When the company launched the Amazon this service in 2005, it was a subscription based service to get free shipping in two days only to products that the participants bought from Amazon, but now exceeded this service being a service the quick shipment of the products only, where a has been providing special discounts on products for participants, in addition to access to entertainment such as: movies, music, andelectronic games.

The following are the most notable 5 features available in the service (Amazon Prime) Amazon Prime:

1 – Fast shipping products:

أبرز 5 ميزات متوفرة في خدمة أمازون برايم

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Will continue to be the primary feature serve Amazon Prime’s Fast shipping, where guests participate in the service can get the product in just two days, and in some places can be connected to the appropriate participants in the service on the day of purchase itself, and that in the case of purchase orders, valued in excess of $ 35.

If you subscribe to the service, and you don’t want the shipment of some products quickly, you can choose normal shipping, it will demand some points as a reward can be used when buying other products later to get discounts, as the participants can in some American cities get the products within just two hours of purchased, in order through the Prime Now.

2. access to music clips:

الوصول لمقاطع الموسيقى

Allows Amazon Prime subscribers to access up to Million my song, and run them on your computer or application to Amazon custom for smart phones, can arrange their favorite songs by type of music, or the name of the singer, or album name.

There is also the problem of my amazon prime special discount when they participate in the service (Music Amazon are not limited to) Amazon and Music Unlimited, which includes 50 million songs.

3. access to movies, and TV shows:

الوصول للأفلام

You can watch my Amazon Prime free access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and watch them through the computer, or TVs connected to the internet, or smart phones, or tablet computers.

As she headed Amazon recently to the production of television programmes and films, which will be available immediately after its issuance to watch my Amazon Prime for free.

4. take advantage of cloud storage service:

التخزين السحابي

Membership provides Amazon Prime subscribers get unlimited storage space for photo storage on Amazon’s Service Cloud, in addition to storage space free of 5 GB for the other files such as: videos, documents, etc.

Worth noting that Amazon plans provide driven diverse for cloud storage, for example: you can get a storage space of 100 GB subscription monthly value of 11.99 USD, or storage space of 1 TB monthly subscription value of 59.99 USD.

5 – experience the clothes before you buy:

تجربة الملابس قبل الشراء

Participants enjoyed the service of Amazon Prime, with a unique hear Prime Contemporary, which lets them experience the clothes, the shoes before you purchased, where shipped pieces of clothing and shoes that they have chosen to their homes to take their experience during the period of 7 days, and then they pay for what they want only, and returns the rest of the pieces to Amazon.

It is worth mentioning that the participants can in the service of the Amazon Prime payment of additional subscription value of $ 14.99, in order to charge your groceries fresh to their homes directly through (Amazon Fresh) Amazon Fresh, but this service is not available in all places currently, as you get additional charges for orders less than the price of about $ 35.

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