The most notable features and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding

After a lot of waiting; the company started the Samsung in the launch of the phone by folding (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold to users, where launched in both South Korea and the United States during the month of September.

Also opened during the month of September door pre-register to buy the phone in 3 new countries, namely: India, andAustralia, andthe United Arab Emirates, the company has confirmed that the date of the put the phone in India will be in early October, in Australia, Emirates is still the launch date is not known.

This time; made Samsung manual Galaxy Fold, explains what you shouldn’t do, and that can break the screen when you place the folding, and also provides how to make maximum use of the two screens, where the phone comes a compact size of 4.6 inches, the screen is big at 7.3 inches.

Suggest revisions to the initial phone to to improvements made by Samsung is not large, but important, and is the Galaxy Fold unique because it’s the first foldable phone put on the market by one of the major brands in smart phones, so the occurs what could be the future of phones.

The following are highlights of the features and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding:

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First; features:

1 – screen size 7.3 inches:

Think the screen size 7.3 inches is the main screen in the Galaxy Fold, which appear in front of you when you open the phone, and Samsung expects to meet this screen is everything you’ll need during your day.

Writing is not easy, as is the case in big phones like: Galaxy Note 10 Plus – the size and weight of the phone makes it harder also, but it was so nice having a screen this size will help you to do anything you want.

2. feature multitasking:

أبرز ميزات وعيوب هاتف سامسونج Galaxy Fold القابل للطي

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the Samsung is doing everything in its power to bring the user the most out of it, then use the Galaxy Fold with the main screen 7.3 inches, you can work on up to three apps at a time one at a time, thanks to a feature (Multi-Active Window).

3 – feature App Continuity:

أبرز ميزات وعيوب هاتف سامسونج Galaxy Fold القابل للطي

In addition to the advantage of the multitasking you’ll find what is more exciting; a new feature that allows (continuity of application) App Continuity, which is part of the (user experience) UX new developer specifically for the Galaxy Fold, for example: if you read an electronic book or an e-mail on the screen small Foreign you can unlock the device on the main screen will open the app automatically Where You left off to connect the whole experience.

4 – keyboard Samsung:

Enjoy keyboard Samsung Galaxy Fold clear advantage coupler keyboard Google Gboard, where divided into two halves to make writing more comfortable, such as a traditional keyboard ergonomic.

Secondly; the disadvantages:

1 – the fragility of the screen:

I hesitation our lot in the accept screen glass, which covers substantially all of the screen of the phone, but we didn’t realize the extent of the follow-up to this glass – special Gorilla Glass 6 – until the arrival of the screen of the polymer that need to be treated with caution.

Alerted Samsung to the need to keep the Galaxy Fold away from water, dust, and car keys, and some other elements such as: credit card that can cause a given magnet folding, where the company doing the video clip above to stop all of that.

2 – the weight of the weight of the Galaxy Fold:

This point does not represent a surprise at all, because the phone basically has a lot of glass and my battery, and weighs phone 263 grams, compared to a weight of 193 grams in iPhone 11, so at the end of an intensive day of use you will feel how the weight of the phone in your hands.

3 – extrusion of large:

The overall trend in smartphones right now is the lack of a bump in the screen, and to be for the front camera popup, but when you open the phone Samsung foldable on the inner screen you will find a large protrusion in the left pane features two cameras, dual front speakers, and some of the sensors, which is inappropriate, really, so you are expected to smile Samsung about this design in its phones folding in the future.

4 – the external screen is too small:

أبرز ميزات وعيوب هاتف سامسونج Galaxy Fold القابل للطي

Represent the writing on the external screen measures 4.6 inches challenge after we are used to large screens in other phones of Samsung, so you won’t be able to write quickly to them, but useful to receive notifications, calls, and in general. It is very good that you can start on this small screen, and follow what you do on a larger screen as soon as you open the phone.

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