The most notable features of the demo version of the Microsoft browser Edge

The most notable features of the demo version of the Microsoft browser Edge

At the end of 2018; the company surprised Microsoft everyone by announcing that she is working on turning her browser (Microsoft’s edge) the Microsoft Edge of the browser dedicated to browser-based in its development on the platform of the Chromium open source of Google, which rely on popular web browser, such as Chrome from Google, Firefox from Mozilla.

Please Microsoft during the month of April last the arrival of the browser Edge users through two versions of the preview, the first version (Developer), and you get updates weekly, and the second copy (Canary), and you get updates every day, so it was their experience the risks that may result in the instability of performance, and it wasn’t important to non-developers.

Over the past week, Microsoft has released the first beta version of the web browser ( Microsoft’s edge) the Microsoft Edge Beta-based (encases) Chromium, which offer the experience of using more stable for all supported versions of operating systems (Windows) and(Mac OS) macOS.

You can download a demo version of the browser through the site (the Microsoft Edge Insider), which was launched by Microsoft earlier to allow its users to experience the browser, and keep abreast of the latest developments.

How to use the demo version of the new browser Microsoft Edge:

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Once you have installed the demo version, and start playing it, you are asked to choose from three layouts for new tab, which is: focused, Focused, and inspirational Inspirational, informative and Informative.

Planning Focused; it is just a blank page doing a search and some sites in common use, and adds Planning, Inspirational background image pulls from Bing search engine Bing, while the layout of the Informative what looks like a version of the edge of the old, bringing together all the planning of the former, and adds to it a summary of news bring the basis of Microsoft.

Highlighted features:

  • The biggest advantages in the issuance of the new Edge is the ability to run most of the existing plugins in the Chrome store, where the open that a large number of custom features that were not available in the original version of the browser. Of course, Microsoft has its own set of extras edge too, but her store is not the story itself.
  • Login using multiple accounts, will be synced across all devices, as is the case in Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Feature (collections) Collections, which allows the collection of texts, photos, and information from the internet in the diary, as can the transfer of information to other services.


On the other hand; you won’t find some features version of the edge of the original, such as: (Reading List) Reading List that was allows you to save articles ability to annotate on the page, and of course alternatives are available in the Chrome Store website, but this was one of the built-in features that distinguish the browser.

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