The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of February 2018

We show you the Kickstarter projects technical which was launched in February and funded successfully, despite the delayed writing of the present report, except that we should have had published so there will be no loop is empty in this series, can you review these projects to take an overview, and for the first month of April -God willing – so we can with you the highlights of the projects this month (March).

1. Cloud storage a new concept

The resort offers (Cubbit) is a new idea for cloud storage, it does not depend on the central storage, which requires a monthly fee paid to the company that hosts your files and your data, it depends on the distribution of data to other users who have the same device in the world, which is at the same time provides the protection and security so that not anyone can access to your data, as that data is stored in units of a superior order to ensure access to ensure it is not lost, and you without your providing distance via you own this device (the cell) and provide a storage space for others.

You can add other paths by connecting the device in units of external storage (hard drive), you get one GB for every 2 GB available for storage through this network.

2. Headset wireless and peaceful at the same time

The product (Hidizs MS4) is a headset with high specifications, coming from company provided more than regular health-related and music on the same platform, but today they are back with this wireless headsets which give the user the possibility to select them for the wire mesh, was used to drive the sophisticated to connect a the audio the best I can, and the chassis is made of aluminum, and also way of delivery and comfort are distinctive in themselves.

3. Wireless charger modern design

Modern design and is one of the characteristics that made us a regular (SliceCharge Pro) is a wireless charger, the first version of which was funded and supported across the product itself, as these women came to resolve a problem (discrimination). In other chargers; when you put the phone on the charger in the non-selected location; and then probably wouldn’t work for the shipper, where it must be placed in the specified area without monofilament or Milan, but here you’ll tea works in all cases because of the feature (trading) that have been developed in this area.

4. Link there 3 Swipe to transfer data at full speed

Is the link to magnetic devices that use a separate (Thunderbolt3) which gives super speed and is used for charging, data transfer and connect the video and other functions all via a single port, as this product is a small magnetic placed between the wire and the area to give ease in installation and location, as it allows full speed data transfer which is 40 GB per second, this is the product that carries the name of the (ThunderMag) can charge the device and to power a 100-watt.

5. Tool for winding wire charger MacBook

Product name (The Side Kick) performs the function of a small but especially important for anyone who cares about the order and development, the task is to help you wrap the wire charger for the MacBook (if you have one), and so in an intelligent manner; pick up this piece in the side of the screen, and then press it to expand and then you can wrap the charger cord in my belly with ease.

6. Power Bank great for computers and other devices

A product that carries the name of the (SuperTank) is a power bank (stockist electricity) with a capacity of 27 thousand mAh, it can be used to ship personal computers (laptop) that support charging via USB-C port, which the Mac Book, as the reservoir of energy at high speed up to 100 watt, which means charging the MacBook at full speed, as it is fast self-charging, too, as it can be fully charged in just one hour, consists of four connector, two of them of Type (C) It can charge two devices at the same time, and other features.

7. Versatile machine for smart phone

Offers device (NuDock) several important services, where can be considered (Work Center), it is a small device circular can say the following:
– Connect the phone to a computer or TV.
– Connect the phone with the display (projector)
– Connect the phone with the mouse or keyboard
– Connect the phone to the storage media
– Charging the phone powered
The design of a practical multiple types of ports, including USB3.0 as well as USB-C, in addition to audio as well (HDMI) recommendation to companies modern, in addition to appropriate shipping flash memory cards, memory Life-Young and old, supports the transfer of video in 4K and point your phone at high speed up to 49 Watt.

8. Table laptop coming from the future

Feature this table (the table) that bears the name (Lagio) that provide you with options and possibilities are multiple, besides provided a good space for, also provide space for the phone and cable assemblies to ship, and other add-ons for Bluetooth and the light in Leeds and other add-ons simple but professional at the same time, come the full version the Bank power to charge the phone while at work, childhood is characterised by smart design and comfortable based and.

Cut the peas that make them a robot.

New idea for play, a piece of the Basel electronic make robots perform certain services, each piece of the function, there are pieces such as (AND – OR – NOT), and there are pieces that perform specific functions, such as light sensor, the wheels of motion, and light, and sound, and other pieces which are divided between inputs (Input) and outputs (out) across which it can be a small (or large) making some forms of robots useful or entertaining.

Flash memory (USB) talking money, health, and

Are flash memory allow (TiSTICK) characterized by durability, comes with more than the protection layer including the outer layer made of titanium, which is waterproof and shockproof and high pressure (can control the traffic over them without break), as that surface of the rear magnetized, the product comes in several storage spaces, starting with 32 and ending with 256 GB.

Thus we have reached the end of this report, for the archive of these reports, you can click on this link.


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