The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of July 2019

أبرز مشاريع كيك ستارتر التقنية لشهر يوليو 2019the most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of July 2019 – Kickstarter technical

This is a list of key technical projects launched via the platform Kickstarter last month (July) which managed to gather the necessary funding to start production.

1. Camera intelligent control at a competitive price

Possible in this camera, which is called (Litmor Battery Cam) that price its hard to compete with, they began to price early booking $ 39 dollars only, up to 59 to prevent lag, is a small camera you do not need to connect the wires, they are related to the scrambled wireless and can be easily installed inside or outside, water resistant, export accurately FHD and the battery lasts for a full year, they also use internal storage, not the cloud (don’t need a monthly subscription), moving it across the mobile app special, which gives you the possibility to listen to the visitors and speak to them directly, and other features.

The current price of the camera one is $ 59, and the project is available until August 23, 2019

2. Mechanical keyboard adapts to your needs

Featuring this painting and they learn from you is to know your writing style and touch buttons, is that you can program those buttons to perform the functions of other change in the method of pressing, for example, can make up some shortcuts to some buttons while clicking on them harder, or longer, can like you press the key harder, you’ll be the Great War in English, while the pressure normal to write little war, this is just an example, so that operations no bounds, and through a special program, which provides an interface to use easy, You can reprogram the buttons to take advantage of the color as best as can be when used in the montage software design in games and other which requires many tests and wide.

Started the price of the product (small version) at a price of 100, and the largest share with $ 150, and the price to $ 180.

3. Electric bike folds in just ten seconds

Can be folded in ten seconds and its in your hand (weighing 14 kg), and accelerate it when the engine is running to improve is on her back (her cards are sufficient for a distance of 50 kilometers in a single shipment), this is the most important feature provided by the study (FLIT-16), which -despite high price tag – is the first in its kind in terms of power and effectiveness on the one hand, and ease and flexibility on the other.

He began to price the product at $ 1500, and up to 1930 dollars, the product is available until September 8, 2019

4. Arm automatic small programmable

A robot arm can be utilized to do several tasks such as drawing and production lines of small, or in the assistance to do routine tasks, especially those that require replays and zoom, you can change the head to suit the job, it is important that he can do: drawing and writing – drawing three-dimensional (printing three dimensional) constipation things and agitated, and its features it contains 6 axes of movement, accuracy up to a margin of error of (0.2 mm), The movement of the streamlined, open-source system, and the use of wit in several ways, the easiest way is via an independent verification, or smartphone application, and also special program which provides more than a way of programming, the simplest use of the language (block take).

Ranges from the price of the product between 300 and 500 dollars depending on the precedence and the pace of treatment, and the project is available until September 8, 2019

5. Link to the charger is wearable and not subject to loss

A wire screen of the phone, a small link can be worn on the wrist, made of suitable material and equipped with a Chechen swipe, the region labeled (NILS 2.0) the property provides quick shipping, and the most important is the ease of pregnancy and the difficulty of loss, and availability at any time and any place.

The price of product is $ 10, and the project is available September 12, 2019.

6. Lenses and filters to the plane Almafi Coast Rally

Is a plane I did the March (Derwent) one of the products that gained wide acclaim and the desirability of large among the injured when, while this product is labeled (Moment Air) is a lens filter put on the lens of the camera original, which is from a company (Momentive), which was famous for production of lenses for your mobile phone, this project, which has been marketing them well (as company) Have achieved more than half a million dollars to write this article, the FMCW of three parts, the lens that give the cinematic scenes, and filters multiple-use, and finally cover your phone iPhone for easy and quick installation of the flight controller in the phone.

The price of the lens alone is $ 200, and the rest of the entire $ 300, as the project is free until September 7, 2019.

7. Sunglasses to change and communication

A sunglasses with the characteristics of many, give you some of the services performed by your smartphone, by default, dubbed (Norm Glasses), which is able to capture photos and videos, read and view short messages, share videos, the steering and guidance on trends, listening to music, internet search, etc.

Started booking for home $ 200, and for 370 for late, the project is available until 30 August 2019.

8. A small device for the suction and blow air

Became functions of air suction important in our current age, it is used in reducing the area of the bags and save the food through the bags special as this device named (Atmos) it strengthens the functions of air suction, as well as inflated, and features a small size and weight light, it is charged via a USB memory stick.

The starting price for the product is estimated at $ 22, increases as the package to be purchased, and the project is free until the 23rd of August 2019.

9. Ceiling fan move it across the images

A ceiling fan can be controlled via phone or voice commands via Alexa, characterized by calm and effective savings in electricity consumption, is controlled in several ways wireless, and also contain the lighting in Leeds white or red, and features that it can reverse the direction of movement of the propeller.

Old product price $ 240 without lights, or 330 with the lighting, and the project is available until 9 September 2019.

10. AA batteries rechargeable via USB

The idea in this post which is a card of traditional (Abu finger) which allow (Pale Blue) it’s rechargeable, but the other way is not accepted through the screen of its own, but they contain a small opening to connect the wire directly to it and then re-charge it through any charger my phone is normal, and the idea behind it is that it has been using the same material used in phone batteries and modern appliances (lithium polymer) which supports fast charging supports up to a thousand charge.

And finally … for those who wanted the see the projects of the previous months, let’s head to the archive page.


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