The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of March 2019

As is customary, on a platform Kickstarter every month with many projects in several areas, including those that improve our lives via technology products, you may be innovative ideas, or viable solutions to the problem we are facing in our products, here and across this report, we present to you some of the technical projects which was launched during the month of March last, succeeded in getting funding, they are US.

1. A device that converts your smartphone into a laptop the fact

There is no doubt that smart phones are becoming rapidly evolving, some of which resembles -in specs physical – devices laptop personal, especially in the processor and memory random (RAM), and here comes this device to you phone to your laptop the fact.

The problem in the phones is the small size, small screen and virtual keyboard that doesn’t help the write speed, so turn some individuals to use the laptop to do their work, not because of the ability of the phone, but because the screen and keyboard, but what if there is a device that converts your phone to your laptop, yes this is what this is doing to the region that holds the name (NexDock).

This device is not a laptop fact, it does not contain a processor or memory, and the operating system, it is totally depends on the phone, you connect the phone to it via a link USB proper, then use your phone and its apps and files via the device’s large keyboard and regular.

This device works with phones that offer the feature (desktop mode) only, which is a property available in modern devices (at Samsung as: Galaxy S8 and after, and in Note 8 and after).

He began to price the device at $ 180, the price currently available between $ 210 and $ 230, the the free until 20 April 2019.

2. An e-reader and tablet device at once

We know E-Ink (E-ink) readers of e-books (such as Canada and Kobo and others), but this is the new tablet (which bears the name of “E-PAD”) provides the characteristics of more than just reading, he is-next to reading – an alternative to writing on paper, it can also be used for drawing and design through the Smart Pen, also can browse the internet and send and receive e-mails and other office tasks.

The device works with Android, and it communicates wirelessly via Wi-Fi network or via 4G via a separate bar connections, storage space in the amount of 32 GB (can be increased to 64), and memory random 2 GB (can be increased to 4), the screen size is 10.3 inches and the battery 4100mAh.

Ranges from the price of the device between 450$ and 500 $ depending on the precedence and quality, and the project is open until 25 April 2019.

3. Fly e fly and control it remotely

If you like Piloted Aircraft (drone) to just enjoy it without the need of a property aerial photography across it, it may be this home most suitable for you, especially that drones are banned in many Arab countries because of its ability to export, either of these aircraft (or flies) don’t have a camera for, are for fun only.

This house, which bears the name of (MetaFly) is about a small industrial remote control, is flexible enough to meet many of the shocks, used the two wings are trying to work the wings of real birds, can be controlled via your device and use it inside the house or outside, fly to after 100 meters and the battery for eight minutes of flight, or speed it up to 18 kilometers per hour.

Their price ranges between 78 and 112 dollars, and the project available until the second of May 2019.

4. Headset wireless (three in one)

Hardly creates a month only and a wireless headset is funded through “Kickstarter”, and this is one product that has succeeded in getting a good financing during the past few weeks, these fish that can be transformed into three forms, either (earbuds) which enter the ears without wires, or shaped earphone sports (sportband), or on The Shape of the headset neck (neckband).

Offer the speaker an innovative design, it is also waterproof and provides a strong network, and through the small buttons and the dual; we can send many commands, contain a microphone, quad, battery is enough for ten hours of playback, and cross your egg speaker, can supply battery enough to run for 80 hours.

The price of fish with the its own is about $ 70, and the project is open until the first of May 2019.

5. Device and on wood (3D printer)

You know, these devices -which bears the name of “CNC milling”- as the expensive price and large size, where used in laboratories and factories to turn wood or any metal surface, but this device named (LongMill) has added ease and low cost to the equation.

Can be classified and the forms and motifs Multi on wood through this machine, also can be used as chopping a minute to be able to Business Industry your wood (see this example), all you have to do is send the design to him, will it, as is the case in the three-dimensional printers.

Price varies according to type of treatment, according to the precedence of the reservation, the price starts $ 712$, the project is open until April 26.

6. Additional screen for 4K

Can across this screen to expand the field of view when using the laptop, especially the ones that come screen is relatively small, where they can work on both screens at the same time, assessment of work space between them, coming to the region labeled (C-FORCE) several extras can be ordered during booking.

Starts the price of the product with 99 dollars, increases by additions according to the timing of the booking, as that project is available until April 21, 2019.

7. A robot moving programmable

The product (Robosen T9) is the robot moving between the car and robot warrior looks like in cartoon movies the old (Grande laser – Mazinger), water that moves automatically, also it programmable via the computer to do different movements, can be programmed via a graphical interface icons that anyone can use without programming background, the voice control, the robot can dance, fights, and performs other movements.

Price ranges region between 270 and 330 dollars, the project is open until April 18, 2019.

8. A variety of illuminations smart

Product is a a variety of bulbs elegant which Download name (LEXI), you can book any quality or group of them, including what is charged in advance and then put it in different places in the house, like the sun and of different colors, all via the central control via smartphone.

Prices vary depending upon the configuration, the project is available until April 24, 2019

9. Projector small and carry it in your pocket

Projector small carry in the pocket, can connect his device or Chrome Cast or any other device via HDMI, in-depth power source it does not have an internal battery, but instead is connected to any power bank (stockist) cross-link the USB.

The price of the product is $ 250, and the project is open until May 6, 2019.

10. Equipment ready to build a robot mechanism

This product is a floor cut a initial help interested passionate robots to build them, and where provides you with the product range of pieces that were printed by three-dimensional manner, which can relate together and connect to the micro control (such as Rispoli Bay) in order to do a specific task and the possibility of programming, the project also offers a database online, you can subscribe to in order to learn and take ready-made plans to create the robots in action.

Prices vary according to the configuration, the project is available until April 21, 2019.

That was a selection of projects these past few months and see you in the next month to view the highlights of the projects this month, the month of April.

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