The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of November 2018

New tour highlights of the draft platform Kickstarter related to technology, which was launched and succeeded in obtaining funding during the past month; the month of November 2018, review the list below containing 10 selected projects, or browse the list of projects the previous months across the page to archive this series , the, the, the read enjoyable.

1. Assistant export personal moving

The device labeled (pivo) is a base with a cylindrical shape hold your smart phone and filming when you talk, drink, work movements, or even take pictures of panoramic views, where feature movement and several preprogrammed modes, such as Trace mode, which is useful for filming themselves as they drink or provide practical lessons, and personal pictures on, and put the time lab, and other conditions useful to the industry video content or still images exceptional.

Start price area of $ 70 and increases according to the addenda takes precedence in the reservation, the project is free until January 10, 2019.

2. Plane Christian “Derwent” sophisticated and easy to use

Development in the development of piloted aircraft (unmanned drones) is on two levels: characteristics and possibilities, as well as ease of use, it is for the success in market expansion and dissemination of this technology among groups of different people, it must be used as easy can be performed by any individual without much effort to learn, and this product has made a good jump at the second: the ease of use.

The drone “Hover 2” is designed primarily selfie from the air, either static or animated images, and is easy to use and uses artificial intelligence (AI), several properties and characteristics of aircraft drone today (G lack of vibration – tracker motion – capture and predefined) in addition to the property pass the barrier edge, and others.

Can control the plane in three ways: through the phone app, via the joysticks small, via the remote control, the distance that you can reach it without getting out of the car they are 5 kilometers, weighs half a kg and the battery 23 minutes, and finally the accuracy of the imaging up to 4K.

Started the reservation price at $ 400, the price rises according to the precedence and the package, and the project opens its doors until December 30, 2018.

3. Power bank that can handle the weight of cars

Is the power bank (stockist) dedicated to travel and adventure, bear the harsh conditions and against money, health, and several areas of the company including the director of electricity of the Variable (AC) to charge personal computers regular, in addition to 4 stores to charge the identity of the smart devices (2 USB Type-A and 2 of the USB Type-C), the battery capacity is 27000mAh and has a light flash of the LED type, and finally board a small compact to charge the battery with solar energy.

Ranges from the price of the product is between 150 and 170 dollars, and the project is open until January 27, 2019.

4. Device to purify water through to move it in a swirling

This product is named “MAYU” is a bottle of water big and small and elegant, the goal is to drink water and healthy, more pure, way: by moving the water inside the bottle in a spiral, just say to the manufacturers, the movement of the water will help in getting rid of bacteria and revitalize the water and make it healthier, and this way the set of Human Origins the first, when he drank from the rivers side a fresh water ski.

The product is a piece of art, all adorned by the living room or kitchen, in addition to being a practical tool, base is available in several forms and colors, and the internal battery is enough to read two hours.

The price of the product between 90 and 100 dollars, and the project is open until December 13, 2018.

5. An electric scooter is stylish, fashionable, and practical

Your scooter’s electrical or what may be called the “study of man” broke R, is a useful tool to navigate in crowded cities, they are scattered in the Western world, unlike the Arab world which is considered by the game of children, this product labeled “Unagi” is a electric scooter with a contemporary design and a powerful performance.

Been manufacturing tubes of carbon fiber which offer a balance between durability and lightness of weight, and the rest of the parts are made of aluminum, the total weight is not 10 kg, maximum speed is 15 miles per hour, and its battery in 5 hours to a distance of 15 miles, contains a scout in front of me, and other characteristics of the nurses.

The price of the product starts from 623 dollars, and the project is open until December 28, 2018.

6. Purified and Home Air effective

With the increasing pollution in the world and increasing Man’s fear of the resulting damage, and also increase the filtering solution and filter the air inside homes and offices, and (Wynd Halo) which consists of two separate pieces provides a good solution to this problem, the younger you are monitoring the air and view information about its properties and the extent of contamination (consists of 10 different accounts), and the purification of large able to purify an area of 1200 square meter in just half an hour.

The price ranges of your two pieces between 280 and $ 300 depending on the priority in the reservation, the project is free until January 13, 2019.

7. A new musical relies on multi-touch

This musical instrument named “ContinuuMini” is a miniature version of the machine the most expensive price of a “Continuum Fingerboards” which he created and developed “Dr. Lippold Haken” at the beginning of this century, a machine depends on the fingering and the sounds of the music high quality, you don’t need for your computer is directly connected to the speakers, give the same sound quality that give it the machine is older but in a smaller size and lower price (can listen to some music which can this machine to produce it via THIS LINK)

Starting price device $ 600, and the project is available until 11 November 2018.

8. A helmet developed for bikers

Helmet that bears the name “JARVISH” offers technical sophistication of what can be a helmet at this age, they are connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone and can be controlled via voice commands through the Assistant Amazon’s Alexa, contain a small screen of the transparent display some notifications and answer calls and also track the route via GPS directly from within the helmet, front and rear cameras, and sound insulation, and all of this weight … 2 kg and battery lasts for four/six hours.

The price of Home $ 400 for the light, and the project is available until January 12, 2019.

9. Printer ceramic three-dimensional at a reasonable price

Provide printer “CERAMBOT” itself as the cheapest three-dimensional printer for the manufacture of shapes and ceramic (not plastic), you know that there are several types of printers the three-dimensional construction of the material used, months type is that used filament plastics such as PVC, either of these they are environmentally friendly and used for industry areas, statues or art forms useful in the oil and.

The starting price for the printer $ 200 and increases the amount by Page wizard takes precedence, and the project is free until 11 January 2019.

10. Charger Bank power wireless meet your phone

One of the products of wireless charging, is the power bank (stockist) charger at the same time, meet your smartphone from the back and feel while using the phone, it also can be used as a holder to display the phone screen during the busyness (is horizontal), the size of the reservoir is 3000mAH.

Closed Project, opened its doors in the beginning of December, having achieved funding exceeded 50 thousand dollars.

The conclusion of the …

We have now come to the end of this list, that we hope will take us the month of December many of the innovative and new products that help in moving the wheels of innovation and facilitate human life, for productive lives of individuals, take on the beginning of the next month.

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