The most notable Kickstarter projects technical for the month of October 2018

مشاريع كيك ستارتر أكتوبر 2018

The war in the “Kickstarter” does not subside, succeed projects and change to the land of work and production, where new projects and ideas looking for support, you come in the house to monitor the level of creativity of the human where GoT and where it is headed, and here for the series the beginning of each month, until you find a brief list of the highlights of those ideas that have been successful in obtaining funding to apply to the second tranche; the stage of manufacturing and production.

These are 10 technical projects prominent launches during the month of October last (2018) and succeeded in obtaining the necessary funding to start production and then its entry into the market.

1. A display device of a mobile Android t

Is one of the projects that succeeded was a resounding success during the month of October last, where the project was able to collect more than a million dollars in less than 10 days, the product labeled “Nebula Capsule II” is a portable projector “projector”, or as he called himself the “Pocket Cinema”.

The device which is the size of a pack of beans or a little bigger, to broadcast the image on any surface, and running Android t-in that allows you to download compatible applications that their number exceeds 3 thousand application, compatible with several systems including the Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox and others, it also contains helper Google for audio one use, is characterized by the fact that the battery lasts for 3 hours and it is quick charging and the wirelessly to your device via USB port-C and other features.

He began to price the product at $ 350 and rise according to the precedence of treatment, the project is free until December 25, 2018

2. The Diary of the achievement optical

This is the project named “The Every Day Calendar” which was launched by a girl named “Simone” is well-known among users of YouTube as a publisher and have the mask contains more than a million subscribers, like inventing things, especially small robots (but fail often), has launched the end of last month that the device, developed by myself at the beginning of it and helped her in the commitment to preservation is usually “meditation sessions” for the full year.

A panel contains buttons to light the number of days in the year arranged and divided according to months, whenever I did my work touching the button puts, this is the idea simply put, across can stimulate yourself to the world that you want to observe it, in a physical way and through the plate attached to it in front of you at the wall, living product that it is dedicated to the world of just one, maybe if it was more of a habit or goal you best.

Had the product at a price of $ 250 to prevent the book first, and now its price is $ 300, the project is open until November 22.

3. Device to turn the television to a medium of communication

Most personal computers (laptop) attached with a tiny camera for easy video conferencing via the internet, but what about TVs, why not transform it into your face, meetings video “video conferencing”.

Your “HELLO” the second season offers this possibility, it is a device to be mounted on any TV and connect to the phone via a custom app to be able to capture video and send it via a camera with a lens moving angle of the capturing broad, and can control the TV audio through the microphone built to the device, as the device supports the Assistant Google Digital as well as Amazon’s Alexa, and other nurses.

The starting price of the device from $ 400 and rise according to the precedence of the treatment, and the project is open until December 8, 2018.

4. Laptop small size, advanced specifications, reasonable price

Device is Falcon “Falcon” offers a solution for Road Warriors, it is small in size but offers good specifications, screen supports multi-touch and pen support writing, on the other side a full QWERTY keyboard from party to party, as the price is right compared to this specifications.

Machine specification: display 8 inch processor “Intel Pentium Silver” and that a random amount of 8 gigabytes, the hard drive is of the type “SSD” comes either with 128 or 256 gigabytes of address space, the device works operating system Windows 10 home, the battery lasts for 8 hours and has a USB-connector-C and the latest USB standard, etc.

Price ranges of the device without the pen between $ 400 and $ 480 ratio of 128 gigabytes of address space, between 470 and 540 ratio of 256 gigabytes (according to the priority of the reservation), price increases $ 30 when you order the pen with the device, as the project is free until December 7, 2018.

5. Shoes virtual reality

Often heard about the system or a virtual reality helmet, the one that takes you to the inside of the games like the hero himself, who is trying looking for the robbers in the forest, but how will you get them and you are standing where you are, you should move and turn in place, this is the function of this product.

A pair of shoes that are worn to add the element of freedom games and products of virtual reality, without having to actually sit in your place and move your feet like walking or running, so that the shoes equipped with wheels at the bottom in order to pick up movement and send signals to the connected device.

The project was launched beginning of October and closed its doors the beginning of this month.

6. Glasses that block you young

The project was launched on Day 1 and closed on October 31, has raised more than 130 thousand dollars, and simply is the system not separating you from the light of the sun, but rather separating you from the big and small screens around you, so that you see only the market place, they are obscured by the screen of the LCD and the LED which constitute most of the television and computer today, so that you walk in the street and shops and not see any screen or any content provided therein.

Been selling the glasses $ 39 and $ 49, and has closed the project closed on 31 October 2018.

7. A mobile phone is what you make of it yourself.

The goal of this post is a tutorial on the foundation, even though you’re capable of installing the phone and then make calls or use it in a game some games, of course won’t be a phone running Android, and will not have a phone with standard specifications, but the beauty of it is that it comes with a separate for some, and then learn through the detailed steps of how did you leave him until the work screen for the first time and then you can download some apps and games or make it yourself.

The starting price for the device of $ 89 and rises according to the space need to be reserved a copy of it, and the project is open until November 23, 2018.

8. Pieces of electronic projects to the Internet of things

This product (Meadow) matter class developers and programmers who are interested in building smart devices use the internet to communicate between themselves (Internet of things) or things (IoT), a small piece similar to Arduino, and also Ebay, but its ready for the software dot-net, so that the programmer can use the programming languages like (C#), to connect home devices and collecting data control it remotely, and without the need to develop the gear from scratch.

Start price area of $ 50 and varies the price according to the page wizard, the project is available until 29 November 2018.

9. Fund sophisticated poop train

Despite the high price -relatively – for this device serving sector specifically, only that it has obtained financing of a large boat file$, which may indicate that the spread of cat lovers in the world, and in the absence of many products serving this sector is clear.

Holds the device name of the “Footloose” a “Litter box” or a bowl dedicated to my cat need it, but it’s not just a pot of basic normal, otherwise I wouldn’t have been classified within the technical organizations, but it presents several characteristics aimed to automate the process so that they do not need the Lord of the cat to clean the house myself every day, as the device uses artificial intelligence to spy on the cat and submit reports via the app, in addition to improved odors and other features.

At the price of the product between 249 and $ 349 according to the precedence of the treatment, and the project is available until November 17.

10. Device turning the phone to the camera

“Bridging the gap between smartphone and camera standby,” say the owners of this project, a product bears the name “Pictar Pro” is a cover that looks like a camera from one of the sides, and on the other side enters the smart phone where the phone didn’t like the camera, buttons and wheels move, and some characteristics of Monopoly, which aims to capture the best photo.

Starts the price of the product from 119 and increases according to the precedence of the treatment, and the project is open until November 21, 2018.

These other projects have been successful in obtaining funding.

– The lens that turns the camera phone into a microscope, high-precision

– An electric scooter is a light and practical shopping within the cities.

– A headset with voice three-dimensional isolating advanced noise.

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