The most notable legal battles between Apple and other companies

On the extension date of Apple’s long since the seventies and you legal between them and the companies technical and non-technical does not belong. And certainly what makes it worse, is the arrival of Apple to the market value of multi-trillion dollars, which opens a torrent of lawsuits that don’t belong. In this article we will review the most important legal battles of the most important and influential, Apple has been a party since its formation for the first time in 1976.

Apple against Carl Sagan

Carl Edward Sagan is an astronomer famous American. In 1994, the report of a lawsuit against Apple for the use of his name as a symbolic name for your Power Mac 7100 for the purpose of earning a wide acclaim and use the as support for that product and sell many units of them claimed Sagan. And the people of Sagan to use his name because it can be interpreted that the support of that House, said to send a message to Apple to this matter, said that Apple changed the codename to BHA for ” Butt-Head Astronomer” or the best men of the space. So Carl sued for libel. But soon lost Carl this case the same speed, which was established by the. Because the word you used Apple TV does not exist to one particular. The Sagan sued again, and lost it also. It in 1995 has been settled between it and Apple a secret outside the walls of the court gave Apple an apology for an astronomer, and ended the case.

Apple against the company NeXT

In 1985, when he left the Steve Jobs Apple took with him a number of staff working in the Apple company to the NeXT. Has Apple filed a lawsuit against the NeXT on the pretext that the staff of the Apple TV product to the NeXT will use the information for Apple. But the case did not reach the courts. Jobs said H “it’s hard to believe that the company’s NeXT value-2 billion dollars and employs nearly 4,300 people to compete with six people wearing blue jeans”.

Apple against Woolworths

In late 2009, I encountered the Apple fight a legal minor with Woolworths, a chain store in Australia logo Apple claims that it is very similar with its logo. But still stores Woolworths used to that feeling, explained it to draw the letter “W”. Said lawyer copyright of Apple that step so don’t let that company on the day of the days that Apple violated the trademark and intellectual property. Private and company Woolworths trying to reprint that label on products Electronic, mainly computers. So likely to abandon Apple for this lawsuit and reach a settlement.

Apple V. eMachines

In the year 1999, the Apple company sued eMachines, alleging that the device eOne PC own has violated the same design transparent blue for iMac original Bondi Blue iMac with Apple TV. Later that year, quickly stopped company eMachines for the production of computer eOne as part of a settlement reached outside the walls of the courts.

Apple against Apple Corps

In 1978, raised the company Apple Corps, founded by the band The Beatles records and music company sued Apple Computer for violating the brand’s own. Settled by the parties in 1981, with the approval of Apple to not enter the music business, and one company, Apple Corps not to engage in the work of the computer. Instituted another lawsuit against Apple in 1989 because of the possibility to record audio in a number of devices to the Macintosh. The case ended in 1991, fined Apple $ 26.5 million.

Apple against Nokia

Raised company Nokia sued Apple in 2009, alleging that iPhone had violated a number of wireless technologies Wireless and GSM ” is a protocol to transfer data in communications through mobile phone, where is the allocation of a constant frequency for each user on the network without change.” I quickly fell Apple and separated the two companies entered into a settlement agreement in June 2011. One Apple on payment of the fee ownership of the unannounced Nokia for every iPhone sold, as well as devices that have been sold in advance.

Certainly this is not all the law suits that happened with Apple and others, but, there were still issues outstanding in the history of Apple long, we’ll look at it and peek in other articles to come. And will not end those cases what remained of that company.

For the suits that we have mentioned in the article is that wars are necessary and moral to the survival of companies? Tell us in the comments



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