The most powerful 12 phone pilot battery to the first half of 2018

The first half was for the current interesting in the smart phone industry, where we have seen the emergence of many new flagship phones that came mostly from Chinese companies, and away from raw materials best and specifications of force, battery is the one of the parts that are not of interest to large, and that’s why the lab Whylab testing 12 phone pilot to address the performance of their batteries.

Best battery phone

While controlled processors Snapdragon 845 on this category of phones, tend Huawei P20 Pro once again as the best phone pilot, after attaining the rank of camera is the best in any smart phone on the DXOMark site, I got now also ranks first in terms of battery performance, which is credited to the Processor Kirin 970 with artificial intelligence, to come after all of the vivo Knicks, smart man R1, Shawty black posted, the oppo Find X, oneplus 6, Shao Mi of 8, Galaxy +S9 وS9, the In addition to the Mi Mix 2 HTC U12 plus.

Based on tests on three aspects, the first is the time you need. phones for 0 to 100%, to be P20 Pro is the fastest, again followed by the others after fully charged during 75 minutes.

Ensure the second test exposing the phones for five hours of intensive use such as the use of social media, and video playback over the internet, and the phone’s memory, read the books and run the games with the activity of various other, to win the P20 Pro also first place through the card, the proportion reached 57%, although the difference is not large compared to other phones.

Finally, he was to leave the phones on standby for 8 hours, to win the P20 Pro also where she remained its battery charged at 100%, compared to a water mix 2s, which reached the level of its battery to 88% only.

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