The most powerful processor from Qualcomm with integrated 5G will deliver to smartphones in the next year

Not all smartphone manufacturers have already installed in their latest flagship chipset the Snapdragon 855, and Qualcomm held in Barcelona MWC 2019 has already announced his successor. One of the most important and cost-effective targets for manufacturers of processors now is to integrate themselves chipsets modems 5G.

The first processor from Qualcomm, which supports 5G became Snapdragon 855, but the new 5G modem 5G Qualcomm X50 is supplied separately from the chipset. That is why some of the current flagship, on Board which has a Snapdragon 855, did not have the support of mobile networks of new generation. According to a statement Snapdragon during the presentation, the successor of Snapdragon 855 will have 5G modem built right into the chipset.

As the first 4G smartphone, the first generation of 5G devices with Snapdragon 855 and a separate modem X50 is expected to be quite expensive, and Qualcomm intends to solve this problem using the new version of System-On-Chip (SoC).

However, it left open another question: Will the first smartphone with 5G modems on Board to discharge as fast as discharged when the first smartphones with 4G? Qualcomm claims that the excessive discharge of the battery will not be a problem for 5G smartphones, even the first generation, as the new integrated mobile platform Snapdragon 5G is equipped with the Qualcomm 5G PowerSave technology that allows smartphones to run from the battery to the level of modern devices with 4G modems.

What do you think about 5G networks? Waiting for their early emergence?

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