The most profitable and unprofitable cryptocurrency in 2019. What are they?

Throughout 2018 on the cryptocurrency market have been observed so-called “Kriptonika”. All the coins have fallen more than 80 percent from their historic highs. The market was dominated by bears and only occasionally slipped bullish trap. However, in 2019, the situation completely changed: in April, the digital currency began to grow rapidly. Let’s see which of them has brought holleran the most profit.

Coin from the biggest crypto currency exchange Binance under the Ticker symbol BNB was the best investment, and for the first half of 2019 has grown by 521 percent.


By the way, today Binance Coin set a new record price.

Immediately followed by alternative cryptocurrencies Chainlink — 510 percent Ravencoin, which has grown 379 percent, Ignis with his 357 percent, and the so-called digital silver Litecoin is, who scored 345 percent. It should be noted that LTC to a historical high still lacks 64 percent.


Among the other coins it is possible to allocate Holo, ibuypower, Monacoin, Enjin and Zcoin. All of the above projects this year alone brought from 169 to 282 percent. The largest digital assets in market capitalization over the last 2 quarters up at least twice. Even a giant like Bitcoin has already reached 215 percent. In the first ten leaders for BNB and LTC should EOS, which jumped by 164 percent.

Even the controversial coin Bitcoin Cash with the beginning of the year scored a whopping 158 percent. Source:

The static top cryptocurrencies in 2019 was XRP and stellar, scored only 21 and 9 percent, respectively. Most altcoins, with the exception of XRP and XLM ahead of the profitability of traditional investment products, including commodities, stocks, precious metals and oil.

Basket of cryptocurrencies and warm-up before a new historic maximum

As you know, it is much safer to invest in multiple assets to diversifitsirovat risks. Profit may not be as stunning, but at least will not be a major loss. For example, if someone in September 2018 invested directly in BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and ETC, such shopping cart as of today would bring more than 70 percent.

To former highs is still far away. For example, Bitcoin is still 49 percent below its historical high of 17 December 2019. Ripple misses almost 90 percent, and the third by market value the coin Ethereum behind the record of nearly 80 percent.

Also notable is Litecoin, which was to recover 60 per cent. Bitcoin Cash is still almost twice cheaper than it was at the end of 2017. EOS will have to score at least 70 percent, and Stellar — 87 percent.

What cryptocurrencies has fallen in price more than others?


For the first half of 2019 you can capture and record. For instance, Counterparty only this year have lost more than 77 percent, although just in the last day coin scored 74 per cent. Among the losers may be noted Dentacoin, which fell by 70 percent, Salt with the collapse in the 54% of Namecoin, which lost about 50 percent, as well as many other coins and tokens.

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