The most rare species of crocodiles began to proliferate

We have many times talked about how due to deforestation, poaching, and interbreeding killed entire species of animals. For example, today on the verge of extinction of the Australian Dingo, whose meat is often eaten in some Asian countries. Also at risk are Gangetic gharials, which are considered a unique species of crocodiles, whose growths on the nose are used by people as a means to stimulate sexual desire. Fortunately, in recent times the news that the population of rare animal species start to grow again — recently in Australia, has been found able to reproduce puppy Dingo, and in South Asia were found hundreds of pups rare crocodiles.

Gangetic gharials have a very unusual appearance

So good news for nature lovers shared the British edition of BBC News. Journalists contacted an employee of the Zoological society of London Ricky Gambs and learned that small crocodiles were discovered on the sandy shore of Bardia National Park, situated in South Asian country Nepal.

Given that worldwide there are only about five populations of this species of crocodiles, this is great news — announced Ricky Gambs.

The biggest crocodiles in the world

According to the researcher Ashish Bashyal, length cubs Gangetic Gharial is only 30 centimeters. But they look very similar to adults, 5-meter individuals weighing up to 180 kilograms. The scientists said that a hundred calves basking on a Sunny beach with three adult females and one male. The discovery was made in July 2019, but the information was kept secret to the whereabouts of the animals did not recognize the poachers.

Cub Gangetic Gharial

According to BBC News, this crocodile species is not met in this area of Nepal for 30 years. In other territories of the country of these predatory reptiles there were only about a hundred individuals, so the detection of one population is a great success. At the moment the country’s authorities is important to ensure young full security and give them the opportunity to quietly grow to large sizes.

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Why animals extinct?

It is believed that the main reason for the extinction of Gangetic Gharial is the destruction of their natural habitat. And they mostly live in the murky deep rivers with strong current, where people often build dams. Don’t forget about environmental pollution, which harms not only crocodiles, but also to all other animals without any exception. What can I say, we now throw away , even kill ourselves.

This species of crocodile most of the time spent in the water and comes on land only to bask or lay eggs

We should also mention the poachers who prey on the Gangetic Gharial in the hope to get put off by them eggs or growths in the nose of males. The fact that crocodile eggs are widely used in medical purposes, and the tumors have properties of aphrodisiacs, that is, increasing sexual desire in men.

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