The most toxic city in the world located in Russia

On our planet there are a large number of places that can apply to the human body irreparable harm. For example, in the Pacific ocean is the so-called Marshall Islands, where the American military tested nuclear weapons. This area even today is considered one of the most dangerous places on Earthwhere a person can receive a lethal dose of radiation. Another extremely dangerous to the human health place is located right in Russia is the city of Karabash, located in the Chelyabinsk region. The air on site is literally filled with lead, sulfur and arsenic, daily poison the local residents.

The city was founded back in 1822, after the discovery of sources of gold and copper ore. Its territory at various times worked for two of the plant, which was engaged in smelting copper. They were closed, but the third plant, built in 1910, after five years since its founding, has produced a third of all Russian copper. He works to this day, but over a hundred years of its existence, almost did not care about the cleanliness of the environment and thrown into nature more than 14 million tons of harmful substances.

The most dangerous city of Russia

Recently in this poisonous town, visited a specialist in urban planning (urban planner), the author of the Twitter account of “Urbanistica”. He shared with his readers the photos of the aftermath of toxic emissions. According to him, the local copper smelter emits 120 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide a year. At the moment the city is home to about 11,000 people, each of them annually affects 10 tons of harmful substances. It is believed that inhalation of high concentration of sulfur dioxide, a person experiences choking, speech disorder, vomiting and even pulmonary edema.

Urban shared that the average age of the residents of Karabash is only 38 years old. As a rule, people suffering from chronic diseases of respiratory organs and skin. Needless to say, due to the large amount of harmful substances in many people developing cancer. Probably dirty air affects their memory.

Pollution of nature

Due to the high concentration of harmful substances in common are the acid rain. They destroy almost all plants in its path, so the city is surrounded by barren mountains and stands on the scorched earth where almost nothing grows. During the frequent rain, rivers filled with orange water, which is saturated with heavy metals.

In the summer of 2019 precipitation in the city, judging by the dried-up riverbeds, was a little. In the photos, like shown Martian landscapes — almost the same yellow and cracked from the dryness of the soil and, apparently, the complete absence of any living creatures. Despite this, in areas remote from plant areas, residents still manage to plant the plants, however, the city often there is a fog of sulfur dioxide. In 2010, the toxic air has led to “premature autumn,” having painted the leaves yellow and killing the crop.

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In Karabash, is there a place where toxic water is held for over hundreds of years. This so-called tailing — a kind of lake, which consists of toxic waste generated in the copper smelting process. Because of the abundance of chemicals, it is painted in the blue color blends in red. According to the author of the Twitter, close this store is a horrible stench.

How to save the locals?

For decades, some residents of the city lived in close proximity to the plant. Then, due to the increased health risks, in a 1 km radius of the plant was established a sanitary zone. Residents of 137 houses have been relocated to other residential buildings, located further from the plant. The empty houses were looted and destroyed. However, at a distance of 80 meters from the plant, located working Department of “Mail of Russia”.

In search of salvation, the inhabitants of the city even installed on one of the mountains 12-metre memorial cross and wrote an appeal to God. To climb this hill is extremely difficult — the ascent so steep that to climb the road on the car is simply impossible. The only option left foot ascent, but because of the bad air, people quickly get tired.

In Karabash very hard to breathe properly. After half an hour in the nose and throat eats pungent chemical flavor that does not interrupt, writes the author of “Urbanistiki”

Some publications called the Karabash the most polluted city in the world. They refer to UNESCO, however, according to local authorities, a document confirming this, does not exist.

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