The Mozilla Corporation publishes a report of the usage data to the browser its Firefox

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Companies seek service in general to track The degree of turnout of users on its service, and plans to repair it and increase the sweeten in the case of aversion and use of other alternatives, but mostly do not publish data and Statistics own this process, but for Mozilla it’s very healing for not regarding the browser its Firefox, you can see how the turnout and the most used browser, and how it is used, through the report of the Firefox general data.

The report contains a many of information monthly and annual about users, the number of hours spent per day in using their browser, in addition to the most popular accessories that gives her no, and the number of users of these plugins, the data also show the top 10 countries using the browser and all available to copy the desktop at the current time, where noted to the difficulty of collecting information in the phones browser, which promised to provide this feature in the next version.

No longer compiling this data to monitor the movement of users in real-time to learn, but rather, is a process of collecting data for the number of users in an anonymous form also noted the company.

And information currently available in the report to last year, where the company plans to provide a weekly update at least the data periodically, and can be any user, for Firefox information collected by the browser by going to about:telemetry.

And you can take an overview of the user data provided by the browser through the following images, showing for example, the enthronement of Firefox users in the United States on the throne of the most-used browser, it also shows the names of some of the most commonly used tools, and hours to use the browser every day in some countries.

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