The mysterious “Board of ethics” DeepMind will take control of General AI, if he gets

The Board of ethics DeepMind was a carefully guarded secret since then, as Google purchased the company to develop artificial intelligence in 2014. However, the new report of Hal Hodson from The Economist sheds light on how did the Board of ethics is and why you need it. He says that DeepMind and Google have signed an “Agreement on the audit of ethical and safety”, compiled by lawyers in London for a year before buying the company.

What does the Council on ethics DeepMind

The agreement States that if DeepMind ever succeeds in its basic task of building a General artificial intelligence (AGI) — which sometimes understand a machine that can successfully perform any intellectual task that can be performed by one — man control of this machine will belong to those who are part of the steering Council, the Council on ethics.

The Board of ethics, in fact, allows DeepMind legally to maintain a certain level of control over the technology he creates, no matter how valuable or dangerous they become.

It is also worth noting that the car is with the overall artificial intelligence may not want to listen to those who “control”.

Despite repeated requests, DeepMind has not revealed who the members of the Board of ethics, however, The Economist calls all three founders of DeepMind (Demis, Hassabis, Mustafa Suleyman and Shane Legg).

In December 2016 Suleiman said at the conference TechCrunch that “the Board of ethics is working and he has to observe a number of our initiatives from within.” He added: “We have always said that it will be largely focused on complete training systems for General purpose and I think that’s a very, very distant prospect. We are decades from those risks which were originally provided for the Council. We implement a variety of mechanisms in place that focus on immediate consequences.”

The year before at a conference held in the London office of Bloomberg in 2015, Suleiman said: “We will announce the names, but that’s not all. This is one of the components of the entire apparatus”.

DeepMind is often called one of the leaders of the race the AI, along with Facebook, Microsoft, OpenAI, Baidu and several other companies.

But so far, the artificial intelligence system able to win only in some games, and perform other tasks niche in certain areas. Call them omnipotent and not omnipotent, and it will take many years before the situation will change.

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