The Nasdaq added indexes to Bitcoin and Ethereum

The second largest stock exchange Nasdaq has launched two indexes that are tied to Bitcoin and Ethereum to. Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX) officially integrated into the system of the exchange yesterday. Thanks to the new tools normal traders will be able to obtain accurate information about the prices of the assets in real time.

The crypt goes to the stock exchange

We will remind, earlier this month, Nasdaq announced the start of integration of cryptocurrencies into its platform.

We will provide the real value of 1 BTC and 1 ETH relative to the U.S. dollar based on the latest data from the most liquid kryptomere.

Indexes to the crypts was developed in cooperation with representatives of the company Brave New Coin. The price of the asset will be displayed on the basis of real-time bidding “with the most liquid end of the stock market”. BLX and ELX added to the Nasdaq Composite index and the Nasdaq 100.

It is likely that the official appearance of Bitcoin on one of the largest stock exchanges will spur the interest of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency. To this day, from putting money into the industry have kept them low credibility in relation to digital assets.

In his “rapprochement” with the industry of the blockchain Nasdaq could go even further — previously, the Internet appeared rumors about the beginning of futures trading on Bitcoin from this trading platform. The exchange has invested in new York startups Symbiont that is associated with the development of the block chain.

Source: AgroDay

CEO Nasdaq adena Friedman believes the invention of digital assets “a demonstration of genius and creativity”. She stated a little earlier.

The adoption is happening right around you. Stop for a moment and understand Bitcoin will soon become the dominant asset.

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