The network decides to reduce expenses and adopt video technology training – night Sport

The network decides to reduce expenses and adopt video technology training

Connected to the meeting management of the youth club under the chairmanship of Khalid al-Baltan to 9 resolutions and recommendations, complimented by her kingdom’s efforts in combating corona virus, and state support for Sport.

The meeting recognized that it was through contact with the video to take many of the financial procedures in order to cut and reduce expenses, and budget priorities of the club until the detente under the current circumstances.

The face of the club management Asmi management of the ball to work the application of aerobic exercise for the first team remotely by video technology adopted by the Spanish Luis Garcia, the team’s coach.

The meeting heard a report on the lighting of the club to comply with the requirements of the administration of the games, emphasis was placed on the termination of business, where only the receipt of the company implementing.

Cost of the meeting Fahd torch of the presidency of the executive of the club, the successor to the detainees Khalifa air living and Abdullah Knight, director of media communications until the end of the season.

The Ministry of sports to prevent the successor identity of Zhongshan, the former chief executive of the club from the activity until the end of the season because of the modern media towards the club victory.

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