The Network got the first screenshots of the new OS from Huawei

Operating system Huawei that the company is preparing to release a replacement for Android, not radically different from that of the shell EMUI. Anyway, the Chinese are planning to apply the same design code. This is apparent in the screenshots of the future platform, which shared Central resource Huawei. It is EMUI software existing smartphones Huawei and enjoys relative popularity among fans of the brand.

Presented images show that the new operating system, Huawei uses not only the same design that EMUI, but the same layout of controls and customization tools. Obviously this is done to ensure that users of existing smartphones, which will form the backbone of the main auditorium Oak OS, moved the transition from Android easily and are not forced to get used to the operating system you’ve never seen before.

Operating system Huawei

Despite the fundamental similarity with Android based OS Oak, according to rumors, is not the Android Open Source Project, and heavily reworked the Linux kernel. Therefore some common features with the Google OS like a partition management app installed, rather, is a conscious measure, which will simplify the addictive users than the inability of designers and developers Huawei to design something radically new and unusual for the industry.

What Huawei will replace Android

It is known that Huawei is considering the future operating system as a global platform which can be used by people all over the world. However, this did not prevent her from using her different names in China and in the international market. Users from China will learn operating system called Hongmeng, while all the rest – Oak OS or OS Ark. But the app store is likely to be common to all users without exception. Another question – will it be possible for Huawei to convince developers to fill it with content.

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