The network leaked the first photos from Google Pixel 4

For that week, the network is rife with rumors and leaks Google Pixel 4, although the official announcement of the long-awaited smartphone will be held in October. After a few frankly doubtful renderings which showed that it would have a huge square main camera module with a design similar to the design of future iPhone, today we have found three really exclusive picture Pixel 4, courtesy of insider shivam Pandya (Pandya Shivam).

From Pixel 4 to be dual front facing camera in the corner of the screen and symmetrical frame

I shall warn that captured in the photo device, apparently, is inside one of those bulky covers/cases, which are usually worn on prototypes to hide the major part of its design. However, on the photo we can see located in the top right corner of the oval cutout in the display for dual front-facing camera, and the lower frame (or chin if you like) of the display, which was much less than we used to see in previous “pixels”.

The presence of the screen almost the entire front panel of the smartphone and thin frames means that, in this framework, now there’s the front speakers that we saw before in the early rendering. However, it is encouraging that all four of the frames appear to be approximately the same size, but the symmetry is not something Google can be commended before.

Google has as many as 3 independent team of designers who work on Pixel 4

Also keep in mind that Google is rumored to have three separate teams of designers, each working on Pixel 4 and 4 XL, without any interaction with others. In the end the company will choose one design and launch it. This is obviously an attempt by Google to be absolutely sure that its next flagship will not be called a design failure that recently happened to Pixel 3 XL and its huge “bangs” and the Pixel 3 and it is a huge, albeit symmetrical framework. And all this in a world in which a long time to come edge-to-edge era.

It’s possible that the renders with a square camera module that we saw yesterday, was based on a prototype of a design team different from the one that we see in these photos — which is really a little too similar to the earlier renders, also based on CAD-files.

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