The network of Bitcoin it took 70 forks. Only 10 of them were commercially successful

In January on the basis of ZClassic passed the fork, which appeared coin Bitcoin Private (BTCP). Three months later, the koina rate increased by 104 per cent. However, this success is not all ppl were — according to the service, since the launch of Bitcoin in its network has 70 new coins. Only 10 of them are traded on exchanges.

Why make ppl were coins

Among the coins that are still being traded, service calls Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Gold, BitCore, a Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Super, BitcoinX, CLAMs, Segwit2X and Bitcoin Atom. Their total cost is 971 dollar or 0.12 BTC.

All the rest of the coins, appeared in the forks — essentially “free” because they have no real value and liquidity.

Among the other coins of the top ten authors bring Air, Litecoin and Monero. In their networks as a result forks appeared only three coins that are traded on stock exchanges. Their total cost is $ 20.

With each fork of the value and quality of the new coins dropping. Based on their data service, developers should seriously consider — whether to hold them, notes

Sometimes the developers of the coin have good reasons to fork. Last week, the creators of Monero held the fork to exclude from the network ASIC miners. According to the developers, operation of such devices involves a number of risks. Among them: centralized workflow, possible bribery by the government or even the introduction of the “switch” that could disable miners remotely.

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