The network of charging stations Tesla Supercharger will cover 100% of Europe in 2019

Tesla Supercharger

Think fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger is the key to enable millions of cars Tesla from doing long trips on the road using their electric vehicles. This can be millions of electric cars driving from coast to coast in the United States of America. Company Tesla to expand the network of charging stations in Europe. CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk now that Europe will get full coverage by 100 percent when it comes to shipping in 2019.

During a response to one of the stores on the network Twitter, said Mr. Elon Musk : ” coverage of charging stations in Europe will be 100 percent next year. From Ireland to Kiev, and from Norway to Turkey. “ Are placed fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger strategically along the main roads.

The fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger customers charging their electric cars quickly, it offers them the possibility of charging 80 percent of the battery in 40 minutes. The idea here is that you should be able to get enough energy in the car to get to your destination, or to the charging station the following when you stop to eat.

I’ve committed company Tesla previously expand the network of charging stations Tesla Supercharger dramatically. Mr. Elon Musk last November that the extension of the charging stations will double by the end of the year 2019 that will cover a network of charging stations needs from 95 to 100 percent of the population in all active markets.

He also asked Mr. Elon Musk also announced plans company Tesla to bring fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharger to Africa, his reply was brief, so pointed out that it will happen in the year 2020.

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