The new company to Elon Musk will allow you to assess the journalists


Has Elon Musk a lot of great ideas. It involves sending humans to Mars, improve public transport, bringing about a revolution in the auto industry, etc. It is likely to be the latest idea, or the idea that announced by now, a cause for concern for many. Said Elon Musk that deals with the idea of creating a service that enables the audience of the classification of the ” basic truth ” articles, publications, journalists and editors. What that means is that this service would allow users to basically a report of the world journalists. As pointed out by one of its follow-up, this service will be the same concept of Yelp, except it will be for the assessment of the journalists, and that’s exactly what he said Elon Musk.

Mention Elon Musk that the service you will get the name of the Pravda to which signal is accurate to the newspaper Soviet. It should be noted that he did not convert this idea into reality so far, however, the clearer the website Gizmodo that Pravda is already present since October of last year. In fact, I’ve approved company Pravda Corp as a foreign company in the state of Delaware on October 18, 2017. The inclusion of Jared Birchall as an administrator on the company note that the latter had assumed several roles in some of the projects Elon Musk other like The Boring Company.

Assured Mr. Elon Musk offered Company Profile the author of the report said that the work in Pravda will begin as soon as the car Tesla Model 3. And confirm whether there are other members involved in Pravda until now. It should be noted that this will not be the media company the only one that is likely to be supported by Elon Musk.


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