The new control system drones was much the usual joystick

Nowadays a variety of drones is no surprise, and if management is not standardized, it is certainly not much different between different models. However, the staff of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne (Switzerland) have developed a system to control the drones using movements of the body. After a series of tests, the researchers came to the conclusion that this method is much more convenient “standard” joystick control.

Responsible for the development of the team under the leadership of Jennifer Milbradt and Silvestro of Mizera. First, researchers recruited 17 volunteers and placed on their bodies infrared label, after which they were offered “to repeat the movements of the drone” which moved through the virtual space. The volunteers were asked to move it as it seemed convenient and logical. Someone pulled his hands forward, someone “swam”, and someone just tilted the case in the right direction.

Based on these data, scientists have developed the most intuitive control system and used a bunch of sensors-dronne in the opposite direction. Now people drove the virtual aircraft, and not duplicate his movements. Volunteers “hunt” for white clouds in the virtual space. As stated by the participants of the experiment,

“To control the drone body was easier than it looks. It is much more intuitive than working with your fingers with a joystick that allows you to switch the attention to the search objectives and the control environment.”

But the developers did not stop and applied the reading system of movements of the body been a real copter in the real world. Under the guidance of the operator of the drone had to go through a small obstacle course that happened. The authors develop quite pleased with what they got and hope that their technology could be very useful.

“The skill of aircraft control movements of the torso is formed faster than management skill with the joystick. Of course, the joystick is a great way and the pilots of the drones prove it in competition. However, we noticed that some people find it difficult to learn to handle the joystick for a number of reasons, but to tilt the body in different directions under the force of almost everyone.”

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