The new iPad is inferior in performance even the iPhone 7?

For anybody not a secret that if the iPad is 24 990 rubles is the budget, it is unlikely he should expect any miracles in performance. But just in case let’s say that if you’re planning to buy this tablet, it is useful you will know that it conceded on this indicator even play the year before models of the iPhone.

To begin, we note that both devices have the same chipset a10 Fusion and are equipped with two gigabytes of RAM. It is therefore not surprising that their results are in benchmark test Geekbench 4 was comparable: 3254 points in single core test and 5857 in a multi-core iPad vs 2018 3295 and 5387, respectively, the iPhone 7.

As can be seen from comparison, in the single-core test the smartphone left the tablet behind, and in multicore, on the contrary, significantly lost. It should be noted that in this mode, the new iPad lost even the iPhone 7 Plus with 3 GB of RAM.

By the way, the presence of a fairly old chipset says that not all the fashionable multi-tasking on the iPad will work. Although if you enough for such regimes as Split View, and Slide Over, don’t worry. And don’t forget that compared to last year’s budget, the new iPad still has the function of Flash Retina, that is, frontal flash, powered by a sharp increase in the brightness of the display.

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