The new iPad Pro was twice as powerful as last year’s

At the presentation of October 30, Apple representatives said that “iron” the new iPad Pro makes them more productive than 92% of personal computers available on the market today. As shown by the synthetic test Geekbench, Phil Schiller, speaking with such a bold statement, did not exaggerate the power of innovations, but rather understated, because the level of performance they were compatible with MacBook Pro 2018 release of Intel Core i7.

According to information from the database Geekbench, the iPad Pro 2018 gets more than 5000 points in single core test and about 18 000 in multicore. This is almost twice more than managed to score the previous generation. And the only MacBook Pro that is able to guarantee around the new iPad Pro performance remains a major modification of the trade Apple laptop, working on the top-end Intel Core i9.

How powerful the new iPad Pro

But the higher the performance of the new iPad Pro is not only the results of synthetic tests. At the presentation of Apple showed how easy tablets handle the graphics rendering, without the slightest difficulty processing even a 3-Gigabyte file with hundreds of layers. As practice shows, such projects often causes lockups even powerful desktop solutions, not to mention laptops and especially tablets.

iPad Pro 2018 are equipped with chipset A12X Bionic, made for 7-nm process technology, and 4/6 GB of RAM. Additional 2 GB of RAM will be available only to owners of top-end version with a 1 TB built-in storage. All other modifications, regardless of diagonal display, have 4 GB of RAM, which, however, still more than enough for most not only casual, but also professional tasks.

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