The new iPhone will be slower than current Android flagships

Even the new iPhone, the release of which is expected in coming September, will not be able to compete in speed work in networks of fourth-generation flagship smartphones running Android. This is due to the fact that Qualcomm is not going to supply branded LTE modems for iPhone the 2018 model year.

“We believe that the next generation iPhone, Apple does not intend to use the modems Qualcomm, focusing on the decision of our competitor,” said financial Manager of Qualcomm George Davis.

What is faster: Android or iPhone

Obviously, the main and perhaps the sole supplier of modems for iPhone 2018 will be Intel, whose products are much lower than the Qualcomm solutions. This is confirmed by comparative test the speed of smartphones in LTE networks. According to its results iPhone X with chip XMM7480 lost Galaxy S9 with X20 on Board for all indicators.

In the past, Apple branded smartphones equipped with Qualcomm modems, rejecting them because of the conflict. Qualcomm accused Apple of deliberately understating performance of proprietary modems that they correspond to the speed of the Intel, which also met in some instances the iPhone.

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