The new MacBook Pro turned out to be non-repairable

A couple of days ago, experts iFixit disassembled the first MacBook Pro 2018 — its 13-inch version with touch panel Touch Bar. In addition to the new silicone pads under the keys, the experts made other discoveries as well.

So, the USB Type-C now is made not of aluminum but of plastic, which could then affect its durability. In addition, the design of the top case with keyboard, speakers and a rechargeable battery seen too much glue — if you make the repair, you can accidentally damage components.

And if you happen to break Touch ID , the new MacBook, then in 90% of cases, you may need to replace the motherboard. For this reason, the experts assessed the maintainability of the computer at 1 point on a 10-point scale.

But there are positive changes. Now, the MacBook is installed battery capacity of 58 watt/hours (last model of 49.2 watts/hour). Also it is possible to replace the trackpad without removing the battery.

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