The new operating system Hongmeng from Huawei replacement for Android

It doesn’t look like it’s that easy despite the fact that the Chinese company Huawei was expecting this day the rear where the US president about the tusks and those laws that make it water and electricity from Huawei in the war of technology is the roughest I can face a giant company the size of Huawei.

The readiness of Huawei’s alternatives after I had to Google a commitment to that Black List which prevent the provision of technology to Chinese companies. That uptime is not an issue that allows for massage quick to fill the gap that occurred by these days,

Users of its phones in case of discomfort of the future of the company and the identity of its law, although the ban will not come intelligently of the damage on the phones available in the market, but those looking to Huawei because of its production in the coming days. Stiffer easier of the current user for the company’s products is the non-arrival of updates that I think Huawei has provided every month after you are provided by by the parent company Google.

The new operating system Hongmeng is not Walid yesterday, is a project known as Project Z working on Huawei not long a little to alternative for Android when necessary. As seems intimated police officials that the time has for more attention to this system soon.

The real problem that will face Huawei with this system the newborn is the extent of accepted users do not attention the developers give you need to apply to their part especially compatible with this new system,, it’s not that easy, let us recall the failure of Microsoft with its Windows Phone, which provided the worst experience even though it’s not, due to the absence of applications and regained the developers about it.

Would it be able to the user to install the Google apps that I used it on Android and install them on the Hongmeng , can a user get rid of Gmail and YouTube, Google Drive and Google Photoshop and dozens of other applications to? Would there be replacements for those apps for Phones Huawei new will return the user to this.

The number of apps on the Google Play Store, more than 5 million apps, how to Huawei to inflict so much through her own shop next

Will Huawei actually spying on America?

Is at the core of the story, the Huawei accused or that there’s a semi it’s able to spy on America in the shadow of their technical capabilities that made them a material of the first networking technologies and techniques of the fifth generation next !

While there is evidence of the leadership of the Chinese company Any a spy operation throughout its history, but the obsession with the US president brought us to this stage after I managed to Huawei of up surpassed by Apple in a lot of the time, and observers expect to surpass Samsung within a short period.

Damage is a harsh and difficult. And the new system Hongmeng I was going to meet this interest by the Chinese company to launch in the autumn of this year, but it may be delayed for that much.


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